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Also referred to as a ‘debt restoration letter’, an attempted and perfected past due payment letter template is an access device to have on file. Here’s our guide to writing a well-mannered nudge, clean reminder and final observe – test what works for you and start reducing the chasing emails.

Most of the time, an overdue price may be effortlessly settled with a brief e-mail to your customer, gently reminding them that charge is past due. When that doesn’t work, but, or you get no reaction, a letter inside the put up can assist to formalize the situation. Make sure you’ve were given an up to date address for correspondence, and keep a replica and record of the whole lot you send and acquire.
To get you started out right here’s a brief run-down of what your overdue fee letters have to consist of, whilst to send a ‘nudge’ and how to take further motion, if essential.

Templates, hints and authorities assist 39

What needs for an overdue payment letter encompass?
Hopefully, you’ll best ever need to ship one well-mannered nudge for the overdue price. But if not, you could want more than one other templates to get the message throughout, which includes a firm reminder and a very last bean award letter.

These are the basic details each letter wishes to encompass:

Late price letter 1: well-mannered nudge
Your organization call and deal with
Recipient’s call and deal with
Today’s date
A clean reference and/or any account reference numbers
The quantity exceptional
Original payment due date
A quick clarification that no price has been received
Next steps (you may provide the recipient the opportunity to touch you and/or pay within a selected quantity of days)
Payment options
Reference to your charge phrases
Late charge letter 2: company reminder/late price expenses letter
Your employer calls and deal with
Recipient’s name and address
Today’s date
A clean reference and/or any account reference numbers
The amount exquisite


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A reference to your polite nudge or last conversation
A short explanation that payment remains first-rate, and any prices that may be brought in step with your payment phrases (and modern-day authorities regulation)
Next steps, including a cut-off fee date
Payment options
Reference to your charge terms
Late charge letter 3: very last word/letter earlier than motion
Your agency call and deal with

Templates, hints and authorities assist 40
Recipient’s name and cope with
Today’s date
A clear reference and/or any account reference numbers
The breakdown of the overall quantity exceptional, along with any extra costs/interest
A connection with your reminder letters or final verbal exchange
A short rationalization that payment continues to be extremely good and now in breach of your fee phrases
Explanation of any in addition costs brought
Next steps, consisting of a very last reduce-off date and outcomes for failure to pay (this will depend on your debt healing preparations)
Late fee letter template
Here’s a template for an easy ‘nudge’ letter, giving a reminder of the quantity exquisite and due date, plus subsequent steps. You’ll want to edit this in keeping with your commercial enterprise and occasions, for instance, it is probably greater appropriate to mention a specific bill that hasn’t been paid, instead of a late account balance.

If this well-mannered nudge doesn’t do the task, send a similar letter the usage of the recommendations above.

Top tip: use headed paper. This makes your communique stand out and gives self-belief of who you’re and you declare for a fee.

[Customer name] [Customer address] [Date]

Payment references: [XXXXX]

Dear [First name],

Outstanding account price: [£X, XXX.XX]

Our facts show that your account is past due for payment. The above amount changed into due for the fee on [dd/mm/yy] but as at the date of this letter, we haven’t yet received your price.

If there’s any purpose for non-payment you want to make us aware about, or you consider payment has already been made, please touch us in the next [X] days, so that we are able to investigate this.

Please be aware that our fee phrases are [XX] days from the date of invoice, and that in addition delay may also result in past due charge prices and similarly healing motion.


[Your name and/or business name]

Templates, hints and authorities assist 41

Late fee letter online tips and resources
It’s really worth staying up-to-date with Simply Business, as we’re constantly checking the maximum current regulation and steerage for small corporations, especially in terms of finance and criminal problems. Subscribe to our e-newsletter and check our legal and finance hub for normal updates.

Still having issues? Invoice financing experts Aldermore Bank work with small agencies each day to shelve the headache of chasing up late payments. Use our quick overdue bills form to get a quote from them these days, the use of the ‘Invoice financing’ alternative when choosing from the menu.

There are a few amazing online price letter templates you could download and tailor to your desires, and maximum of them are loose, or truly require a few details from you. Companies like Crunch Accounting have some superb content material – you can locate them right here – and My Credit Controllers are also a wonderful aid.

And sooner or later, you could get a variety of perception from gov.Uk, mainly when it comes to late bills, debt recuperation and due repayment. Take a look at their hub for all the modern-day law, for short reassurance of your rights and the proper approaches.

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