Android Pay provides help for American Express in Canada

Android Pay was released at the cease of May in Canada, however on time, American Express became indexed as “coming later this summertime” in phrases of aid. AmEx users didn’t have to wait long, it seems because aid went live for their credit playing cards in Android’s cellular payments platform in u. S.My Live Updates

AmEx joins a decent list of most important Canadian banks, in addition to MasterCard, Visa, and Interac debit. There are still some fundamental Canadian banking holdouts, together with TD and Royal Bank. Still, I’m individually quite glad about the American Express addition because I can eventually use it in stores and in-app for payments.

It’s dead simple to set up, and then you may pay simply using tapping your cellphone at contactless payment terminals, just in time to hit the Beer Store or the LCBO ahead of the coming Canada Day weekend (that turned into all secret code completely designed for Canadian readers and ex-pats).

1: Card-like lock display records

The iOS 10 lock screen possibly reminds you of a piece of Android KitKat. With this selection, you may swipe from the left part to open the camera and from the proper to get admission to widgets. That identical iOS lock display screen brings your statistics to you within the shape of a very Android card-like interface (which was brought in 2014, together with Material Design).

This also came with the clear all notifications button—something that has been to be had with Android for quite a while. Specifically, this feature became in Android, vanishes, after which reappeared in Android five in 2014.

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2: Raise to wake

Android customers have loved the enhanced to wake function on account of 2013. With improve to wake, all you needed to do became raise your device to wake it up and view the statistics on your lock display screen. No buttons are required. My antique Motorola Moto X had this selection, and it labored like a attraction. Google then delivered enhance to wake to the Nexus and Pixel gadgets—earlier than Apple rolled this option into iOS 10.

3: Familiarity in Maps

Even lower back in 2016, Google had advanced its Maps app to encompass a visitors widget, which gave the person a shortcut for short gets admission to visitors facts. It wasn’t until iOS 10 (launched September 13, 2016) that Apple Maps started to combine visitors’ data.

Apple Maps additionally now has 1/3-celebration integration; that’s something Google Maps has had for a while.

4: Control Center

Way returned in iOS 7 a new feature turned into rolled out called Control Center. This handy feature gave the user quick get admission to things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings, in addition to Airplane Mode and track app controls. Sound acquainted? It has to, as it’s far much like what the Android Notification Shade had accomplished for years.

5: Multitasking preview

Apple’s platform brought multitasking previews to iOS 7 (released September 18, 2013), which changed into very much like Android’s Overview button. Both functions pop up these days used apps so that you can fast transfer among them; the largest distinction is that iOS scrolls those apps horizontally, whereas Android scrolls them vertically. On the Android platform, this selection dates lower back to 2012.

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