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Samsung released a “Walk Mode” app, and it’s terrible

Recently, Samsung’s Indian R&D released a brand new app known as Walk Mode. It’s marketed as notifying you if there may be a chance gift as you cross approximately your enterprise using your cellphone while walking. Safety is pretty a noble undertaking for Samsung to be pursuing, and I’d like to say that the company’s efforts paid off, however, I would be mendacity.

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This specific app launch may also have flown under your radar, as thus far it is exceptional to India. But relaxation assured, dear AP readers, that mere regional locks will not save you the intrepid reporters at Android Police from testing anything, everywhere. I determined out approximately this app today, even though it is been to be had in India on account that May. And, being a metropolis-dweller, I thought it might are available available.

Setting up the app is quite smooth. On the first release, it requests a laundry list of app permissions, and whilst matters are geared up to move, it drops you inside the principal menu of the app. From right here you can activate or off Walk Mode. When it’s enabled, you have a continual notification that it’s far walking.

The first aspect you notice whilst you turn on Walk Mode is the overlay it locations to your display. Initially, it shows steps in a type of floating notification inside the nook. I thought this might just be a hallmark that it changed into running, but after a few moments my cellphone began vibrating, and the tiny notification become a massive overlay, taking on maximum of my display screen. Startled, I looked round to peer if my telephone had noticed some thing I did not, but I was entirely safe.


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You see, the implicit premise at the back of the app is not that it could detect whilst you are walking and can be in threat. All the sensor information is, essentially, a farce. It virtually assumes that any use of your cellphone even as strolling is hazard in itself. If you zip right down to the local bar, and to your way, pop open Reddit to test the latest market tendencies in dank memes, Walk Mode will notify you that you should not do that. Even worse, the overlay additionally interferes with interplay. So in case you were doing something whilst it decided to present you the whole-screen warning, you presently should spend even more time trying to perform whatever it become.

For an app worried with protection, I might not say that interrupting a user to make their contemporary mission harder is totally counter-productive to the concept of safety, however, I will say that it’s truly not an awesome way to warn a person of the plain.

Although I granted the app all the permissions it required, and even gave it get admission to to an extra “High accuracy ” GPS mode, and “Horn detection indicators” that ostensibly used my cellphone’s mic to locate car horns, none of that made any difference. All I were given for my efforts have been repeated warnings to “watch your doorstep” anytime my cellphone was on, and it sucked my battery dry. Thankfully, my frustration led to me setting my smartphone away for a long sufficient time period to bump my stroll rating from “Dangerous” to “Risky.”

The app has all kinds of gamification to try to inspire you into the usage of it, like badges and facts intended to reveal your enhancements through the years. But, all of this is pointless inside the face of an app that considers abstinence from use at the same time as strolling as the most effective safe use of a cellphone.

So, in case your concept of sidewalk protection is to simply not use your phone, you can probably store a ton of time, frustration, and battery life by using just now not the use of your telephone, and skipping this app absolutely. It serves no gain quick of pointing out the apparent, and all of the permissions and capabilities it claims to possess, like horn detection and sensor usage, are functionally vain.

If you’re an extraordinary masochist, or actually hate such things as battery life and primary functionality even as the usage of your phone, feel free to present it a shot over at Google Play. Though, you will have to be in India to install it. And, if you aren’t in India, like having a cellphone that works right, and can restrain yourself whilst you are strolling, then continue on with life as is. You’re plenty higher off with out it.

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