How to Stop WhatsApp from Downloading and Saving Photos, Videos Automatically on Android, iPhone

WhatsApp is used by over 1.2 billion people internationally, and 2 hundred million in India on my own. In truth, it might be one of the first apps all of us in India download once they get a brand new phone, as it has come to be the default method of texting inside the USA. However, it can come to be an annoyance too. At the same time, it downloads all the media documents automatically, from photographs to videos too, greater currently, GIFs, not to mention audio files and films. These are not the most effective litter your cellphone’s gallery and music player, but additionally, devour up quite a few storage and statistics. Here’s how you could prevent WhatsApp from automatically saving snapshots and audio on your phone.Java Leech

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How to Stop Auto Downloading and Saving of Pictures, Videos, and Other Media on Whatsapp for Android
WhatsApp for Android has a transfer that lets you prevent photos and motion pictures from downloading. Here’s how you can do it:

Open WhatsApp, ensure you see the primary window – where all of your chats are displayed. Tap the 3 vertical dots at the pinnacle right > Settings.
Now tap Chat Settings > Media vehicle-down load. You’ll see 3 alternatives: When using mobile information, When related to Wi-Fi, and When roaming. Tap everyone and disable car downloads by unchecking all three alternatives – Images, Audio and Video.

Not saving pictures automatically has its blessings. However, it is also the manner that you will download each picture manually. If you turn out to be downloading every picture anyway, then it’s in all likelihood first-rate to depart this option energetic. Let us understand if this academic helped you via the remarks. For greater such useful articles, go to our How to section.

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To view pics, you may download them. When you do, WhatsApp saves them in a folder, and you may get inundated with silly memes and different undesirable content, which is visible to each person who opens your phone’s Gallery App. However, it is possible to forestall those photographs from appearing within the Gallery app. Here’s how:

Download Quickpic and open the app.

Navigate to the WhatsApp media folders. The location of the WhatsApp folder varies across gadgets however it ought to generally be the subsequent: Internal Storage (from time to time labelled sdcard0) > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images, > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Audio, and WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Videos.
Long-press the WhatsApp Images folder and ensure that it is decided on. Do the equal with the WhatsApp Video and WhatsApp Audio folders.
After selecting the 3 folders, faucet the three dots icon on the top proper > Hide. This will make certain that the Gallery app doesn’t show them. Nevertheless, you can view those pics and movies inside WhatsApp and through any apps that can help you view hidden folders. But if you bypass your telephone to a person, you do not need to fear them seeing the WhatsApp pics and films through the Gallery app.

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