Leaked Sony sensor should open way for 100MP complete-frame cameras with 6K video

A hundred-megapixel sensors aren’t new to the arena of pictures. A Sony-made 100MP back-illuminated (BSI) sensor is already being used inside the Phase One XM pictures drone and the Phase One XF digicam, but they’re each medium layout. In September 2018, Fujifilm unveiled a 100MP frame, which houses a medium-format sensor.

Currently, Canon is the only digital camera producer rumored to operate on a full-body 100MP sensor for its EOS R mirrorless digital camera. However, suppose a leaked product statistics document (first mentioned via AndroidLad on the EOSHD discussion board) holds actual. In that case, Sony may want to properly be the first to launch a 35mm complete-frame 100MP sensor with 6K video recording abilities.

According to the document, nonetheless, images from the sensor could have a resolution of 12288 x 8192 (that’s a 12K equivalent to ithe n video), with a high-velocity digital readout of 16-bit pixels. The sensor could also offer 6K video recording in 12-bit using a pixel binning mode.

It appears that Sony will give this sensor to other manufacturers for use in client cameras.

To attain the high-speed 16-bit readout, Sony appears to use numerous analog-to-virtual (ADC or A/D) converters, which may ensure that the sensor has higher overall performance than the cutting-edge Sony Alpha A7 III in terms of dynamic range and sensitivity.

Storage woes

For RAW files from a digicam, that use this 100MP sensor might be big, meaning a digicam’s buffer and the speed of the card used might depend. However, with SD playing and microSD cards getting faster and now being had in 1TB flavours, we’re hoping quick-term garage received ’t difficulty inside the destiny, even though it could prove luxurious.

That said, Nikon has already paved the way for using XQD cards in its high-speed cameras, like the Nikon D850 and the Nikon Z series. However, there’s currently limited support for PCI Express information transfer, and XQD cards stay a luxurious choice with limited producers if client cameras pass the hello-res manner. However, we could see extra opposition that leads to a fee drop.

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