Our Love For Smartphones: Convenience Or Addiction?

We all love our smartphones, it’s the first thing we wake up to and the last thing we check right before going to bed, and by that standard alone, it’s not an understatement to say that this compact yet innovative gadget plays a massive role in our life. It’s become so engrossed in people’s lives that many creative individuals pursue their livelihoods and connect with people from across the world through them.


However, so many people have gone past the point of no return that they’ve blurred the line between using a smartphone for convenience’s sake and that of outright addiction, masking such destructive behavior under the disguise of “productivity” and “staying updated.” Sure, we can’t disregard all the help and utility a smartphone provides to our daily responsibilities. Still, it’s also fitting that we learn of its impact on our lives, especially the disadvantages and risks it inherently brings when addiction occurs.

Nonstop Dopamine Hits 24/7

When we’re dealing with addiction, we trace it back to the feedback loop that’s feeding it, and if there’s one thing a smartphone is infamously known for, then it’s the nonstop dopamine hits it can burst out 24/7. And even with the summer heat that’s forcing us to reach out for cool drinks and refreshing treats, people will still find themselves defaulting back to scrolling on their smartphones aimlessly, even if they should be focused elsewhere.

  • Constant Notifications Keep You On Your Toes: The first culprit we can blame is the regular notifications you receive left and right, keeping you on your toes even when you should be taking a break. There’s just something to that ding and vibrate, hinting at your senses to pick up the phone and check up on the latest things it’s telling you about. From the most nonsensical videos to push notifications about product advertisements, it will try everything in its power to keep you on the screen longer.
  • Developed Preference For Multi-Tasking: Apart from notifications, everyone’s developed a preference for multi-tasking out of fear of being unproductive of sorts. An excellent example of this would be you just trying to whip up some breakfast and enjoy your first meal of the day, but you can’t help but find a placeholder for your phone somewhere so you can watch the news or skim through videos while you’re at it.

Taking The First Step Is Difficult But Worthwhile

While dopamine is a fearsome rival to go up against, it’s not something you can’t overcome, and so as long as you’re willing to take that first step, you could easily bide your time and work your way up to resolving the problem right at its roots. Fair warning, don’t expect this to be resolved in a matter of days or weeks; smartphone addiction has become indistinguishable from everyday use, which means it will also take some time to recover properly.

  • Curb Your Social Media Consumption Bit By Bit: We know how tempting it can be to keep up with your favorite actors and social media influencers, but keeping up with Olivia Rodrigo and other personalities can sit on the sidelines. If you want to slowly work your way down a smartphone addiction, you must first address your social media consumption. So, if you can cut back scrolling even at least thirty minutes a day, this will make for a significant first step.
  • Strict Schedules For Productive Down Time: We strongly recommend implementing strict schedules you follow every day for production downtime for a more long-term solution that we expect to become a habit. You’ll be surprised at how much time goes to waste because you end up endlessly scrolling through your phone, time that could be used elsewhere such as exercise, dabbling in your hobbies, and many more. So, keep yourself preoccupied with other interests.

But What If I Need To Use My Phone For Work And Business?

Likewise, we understand that there are cases when smartphones play an irreplaceable role, mainly when it’s utilized for work and business. And if you fall under this category, we strongly urge you to work around your time management in a way that’s not necessarily impeding your work responsibilities. We know just how important a smartphone can be in terms of networking and connectivity, wherein getting a phone repaired becomes an utmost priority so that you don’t lose precious time. So, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t cut down as much screen time as you would have wanted to.

Anything In Excess Is Bad, So Use Your Smartphone In Moderation

Overall, we want to remind everyone that anything in excess is wrong, and that goes double for smartphone usage with all that blue light screaming at your face and time that could’ve been put to good use for something you enjoy. So, don’t forget to introduce moderation in your smartphone use slowly, and we can guarantee life-changing benefits in the long run.

Jessica J. Underwood
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