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BJP Facebook pages providing freebies to vote for BJP:

Facebook&x27’s political ads library indicates that a pro-BJP Facebook page &x27; My First Vote For Modi’ spent the most expenditure on political ads – Rs 46.6 lakh in one week beginning March 17 to March 23.

" Alt News found that ‘My First Vote For Modi’, developed three months previous to the approaching elections, has been luring the electorate with “appealing chocolates” towards a pledge to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The range of candies supplied through the web page is badges, bags, T-shirts, cellphone covers, caps, and so forth. “Pledge your first vote for PM Modi for the higher India and win exciting goodies,” examine the ads."

Wait for it: all of those products are also available for sale on the legit website of PM Modi as part of the NaMo merchandise, and the PM has even marketed some of these merchandise on his Twitter manage.

MediaNama had mentioned earlier that the Election Commission does not have a policy for “influencer campaigns” that are “fan pages” now not officially related to any political birthday party but with ad spend running in lakhs:

Updates on social media tech faux information 39

" Co-ordinated paid political messaging should qualify as advertising and promotions. Platforms like Twitter have failed miserably (or no longer even tried to incorporate) campaigns that make political speeches and candidates trend. How does the Election Commission, or even the systems that have promised to deliver transparency to political expenditure online, address this?"

Read more on the ECI&x27’s policy on social media and elections here.

The Andhra Pradesh country chief electoral officer (CEO transferred the director well known of intelligence and other superintendents of police in the kingdom, following a legit complaint with the aid of Vijaysai Reddy, countrywide general secretary of the YSR Congress birthday celebration, to the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC). Reddy claimed that YSR Congress celebration’s secretaries Talasila Raghuram and Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy had been below illegal surveillance and tapped their telephones. He sought that the four officials be kept out of legit responsibilities till elections are completed. Vijaysai Reddy alleged the Andhra Pradesh police are misusing powers granted for countrywide safety. The full tale on The Wire.

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