What is National Floors Direct? FAQs and What to Know About the National Flooring Brand

National Floors Direct is a specialty flooring service that brings you all the advantages of retail shopping without the drawbacks. By bringing the store to customers, they have the ability to compare and contrast various products and how each one looks, including everything from the lighting to the furniture.

Shopping in a store has several perks. Not only can people see what’s available, but they also have the opportunity to talk to a professional who has a firm grasp of the different kinds of stock in the store.

National Floors Direct

However, there are also setbacks in shopping in person, such as how a floor covering looks in-store than at home. In addition, it’s not always a guarantee that a customer can easily find a salesperson who knows what they’re talking about. This can quickly end up with customers wandering up and down aisles with dwindling motivations to select anything. Whether you’re looking for hardwood, carpet, or luxury vinyl flooring, National Floors Direct provides you with accurate estimates on its products and visits your property to give you a sense of how the final results will fit in your space.

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National Floors Direct is not a typical shopping experience. Use these FAQs to get a better sense of what to expect.

What is National Floors Direct?

National Floors Direct is a direct-to-consumer company that supplies quality floor coverings. The company started as a brick-and-mortar operation in New England before expanding its presence and pivoting its business model.

The company spent decades operating traditional stores, but National Floors Direct had an innovative twist in 2005. The new iteration would allow customers to start their journey either online or on the phone. Once the staff had an idea of what they wanted, they could line up the right samples and then bring everything to the customer to decide.

Where is National Floors Direct located?

National Floors Direct is headquartered in Avon, Massachusetts, but the company has additional locations throughout the country. Having multiple teams spread over the US makes it possible for the staff to arrange fast installation for the many clients they serve daily.

National Floors Direct makes it possible for customers to get the exact type of floor covering they need. The company is known for its first-rate service and flexibility, from an unbeatable selection to in-home shopping consultations to next-day installation.

They have an impressive catalog of products coupled with a commitment to deliver the best in service. The staff blends flooring knowledge with aesthetic expertise to customize every experience.

National Floors Direct has it down to a science, making it simple for consultations, set up, and installation to run like clockwork.

The last thing a property owner needs is to spend hours deciding between swatches or supervising workers on the job. This is a way for everyone to get what they need and move on to the next part of the project.

Which services from National Floors Direct are free?

National Floors Direct offers the following services for free:

  • Measuring and layout: The company’s representatives are experts who know how to inspect the space, draft blueprints, and measure the entire installation area. Regardless of how big (or small) the coverage area is, the company offers a standard service for free. Even if you don’t buy anything, you benefit from a trained eye in the room.
  • Estimates: National Floors Direct offers a guaranteed lowest price to its customers, and all the products come packaged in the form of an easy-to-read catalog. Customers have the chance to determine whether a particular type of flooring fits their budget.
  • Premium padding: The wrong cushion can ultimately have a lot to do with how long your carpet lasts, and it can also impact your warranty. Because carpet padding has a lot to do with how durable the flooring is, all carpets from National Floors Direct exceed manufacturer requirements for any given product.
  • Furniture moving: As long as the furniture (e.g., dressers, bookcases, etc.) is empty, National Floors Direct will move it around at no cost for you. This is usually one of the customer’s most significant worries regarding a new floor covering. Some companies charge for each piece of furniture, but there’s no need with National Floors.
  • Fast installation: National Floors Direct stocks millions of square feet of flooring in local distribution centers, making it easy to streamline installation. In many cases, the company can offer it as soon as the next day.
  • Stair work: Labor prices can run as high as $25 per stair with other flooring companies. With National Floors Direct, the standard carpeted steps are never charged at a premium. This is a benefit that can save the average property owner hundreds of dollars in otherwise hidden fees.

National Floors Direct vs. any other direct competitor, you’ll find that the selection, quality, and expertise at National Floors Direct is second to none.

Does National Floors Direct remove old flooring?

Yes, National Floors Direct will remove old flooring during installation, making it easy to give any room an efficient makeover. Taking out old flooring isn’t just a smart redecorating strategy. It can also help you prevent anything from mold to insects. Representatives will also measure, move furniture, and assist with customizing the layout.

What are National Floors Direct reviews?

National Floors Direct reviews generally praise the company for its professional services, no-pressure sales team, and quality selection of flooring. Response times are fast, and the company makes every effort to work with the customer’s schedule instead of the other way around.

filling out a request form online. The company also has several social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No matter which avenue you take, you’ll find a friendly professional who will be happy to help you take the next step in finding a floor covering that works.

What is the National Floors Direct service area?

National Floors Direct has locations scattered across the US, and the company makes every effort to work with its customers right where they are. The many distribution centers give the company flexibility that is difficult (if not impossible). Customers can confirm their areas by calling National Floors Direct or filling out a request form.

National Floors Direct has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, complete with numerous favorable reviews. Customers are especially impressed with the efficiency of National Floors Direct from start to finish. Consultations and installations are easy to schedule, and the professionals are friendly to work with.

best bedroom flooring or basement flooring options, National Floors Direct only stocks products that have passed rigorous quality standards. Customers are pleased with the quality they receive for their dollars, even if their budget isn’t as high as they’d like.

Floor coverings have a lot to do with how you interact with space. Carpets provide traction and make it difficult for toddlers to slip as they take their first walks. Hardwood floors are elegant and can add warmth to any room. Luxury vinyl flooring can be made to look like nearly any material, giving a home or commercial space a whole new aesthetic. Whatever a customer is looking for, they can find it at National Floors Direct.

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