Tips for Creating Low-Cost but Eye-Catching Product Packaging

Nowadays, people with entrepreneurial aspirations can make their products from home and sell them online to customers worldwide. Platforms such as Etsy and even Instagram provide the space for microenterprises to introduce their venture to the public without much capital.

In business, packaging matters. This is especially true for small businesses because it lets the customers know the amount of care and love placed into every order fulfilled. It’s also a good marketing strategy. When the package looks good, the customer appreciates it and is more likely to post about it on social media. It creates a word-of-mouth type of hype that can boost sales.

The problem is, many small businesses don’t have a lot of budgets. They cannot spend too much money on designing eye-catching packaging.


Entrepreneurs can still create packaging designs for their products to make customers happy without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips.

Reuse, Recycle

Instead of spending on new materials, make use of what is available. You may have some packaging already. Ask if your suppliers are willing to give you some bags for free. You can also use paper scraps lying around the house. Or ask friends and family if they can spare any boxes or packing materials they don’t need anymore.

To create a beautiful presentation, take advantage of natural materials like moss, sand, pebbles, leaves, shells, vines, and reeds.

Make It Personal

Customers love it when they know their business matters to the sellers. A personalized touch shows this appreciation, so include a handwritten note. It’s a small gesture, but it makes the overall presentation of the product more memorable.

Make it a tradition to include a handwritten card with every purchase that customers can take home and save as a keepsake. Customers who feel appreciated will be more inclined to come back for your next product release.

The Product as the Packaging

Instead of wasting money on presenting your product in a bag or box, find an exciting and creative way to deliver it. An eye-catching presentation goes a long way toward grabbing attention. Just make sure you choose materials that won’t harm anyone who touches them or won’t cause the product to be destroyed while on transit.

Give Something Reusable

People are all about sustainability these days, so include one or two items that they can take home. This way, they have something to hold on to as a memento of the purchase.

For example, a handkerchief or a scarf can be used to wrap the product instead of regular paper. Furoshiki is a traditional form of wrapping cloth from Japan used for presents and can double as a bag.

For jewelry, on the other hand, you can give them a small box they can reuse as accessories storage.

Go Green

Using eco-friendly packaging, no matter how plain it looks, sends a firm but positive message: you care about the environment. Customers who also worry about their environmental impact will be more encouraged to purchase and promote your business because your packaging seeks to decrease the amount of plastic waste on the planet.

Use recyclable jars to store dried goods. This saves on cost while also increasing your company’s sustainability quotient. There are also plant-based mailers that are compostable and can replace plastic bags.

Be Creative

When limiting your budget is putting pressure on you, stop figuring out how much money you need. Just think outside the box and let creativity lead your actions.

You can use what you already have in your business. If you’re selling graphic shirts, use heat transfer vinyl to add your logo on a piece of fabric that will be added to the packaging. If you’re in the business of stickers, adding a few small stickers on the packaging is a great way to personalize plain cardboard boxes.

Of course, no matter what you do in creating product packaging design, never compromise quality for the price. Always choose materials that will protect the product inside so it won’t get damaged during transit or kept at home by customers until they’re able to use them. When appropriately done without compromising quality, eye-catching product packaging design can boost sales.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the packaging. Although it helps to have the budget to do something extraordinary for your customers, you can still improve the experience of receiving and opening a parcel by trying out some of these ideas or coming up with a packaging design that reflects the kind of experience you want people to have.

Jessica J. Underwood
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