Britain’s Big New Warship Still Runs Windows XP

HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s most recent vessel and the most important one ever built in the United Kingdom, is an impressive ship. Nine hundred and nineteen toes along with a crew of 1,600, the ship can carry as much as 40 aircraft. Queen Elizabeth and her sister ship, Prince of Wales, will shape the United Kingdom’s main expeditionary force at sea, sailing into hotspots with their decks full of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.Web Posting Mart

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Oh, and Queen Elizabeth additionally runs Windows XP.

The brand new carrier left its dockyard in Rosyth for the first time on Monday, in which it became assembled from subsections built everywhere in the UK. The London-primarily based newspaper The Guardian suggested that computer systems walking the undoubtedly historic PC working gadget were noticed at the provider throughout an excursion.

The Windows XP running system changed into released with the aid of Microsoft in 2001. The software program employer ceased selling the OS in 2008 and has slowly dropped guide for XP, such as malicious software definitions, urging users to migrate to Windows 7, eight, and 10. Just last month, computer systems walking XP and a part of the UK’s National Health Service had been targeted in a cyberattack using sophisticated ransomware.

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It’s now not certain how Windows XP got on board, Queen Elizabeth. Construction of the provider started in 2008, the same year Microsoft stopped selling it. The software program may have arrived as computer structures from older ships have been recycled for the new service. Controversy erupted earlier this year when it turned into found that the United Kingdom’s nuclear missile submarines, which embark Trident missiles armed with thermonuclear warheads, additionally ran XP.

The Queen Elizabeth’s air wing commander insists that despite the getting older software program, it may not gift a road for a cyberattack, pronouncing escorts will hold intruding ships at bay and that the supply channel will finally replace previous running structures. Queen Elizabeth will also have its personal dedicated group of “cyber experts” onboard to guard against hacking.

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