Hammerhead increases $4.2M to build a wiser working gadget for motorcycles

Hammerhead founder and CEO Piet Morgan is a bicyclist, and he started the agency because he desired a higher navigation machine.

So Hammerhead crowdfunded its first product, the H1, and ultimately built the Karoo, a “biking laptop” that supports navigation and schooling. But Morgan instructed me his goals are more significant than that.

After all, he sees a future in which electric-powered bikes want bright variety projections, wherein motorcycle-percentage fleets need to be controlled, wherein social education programs like Strava can pull records from the motorbike itself and where any bicycle should come with theft and crash indicators.

“There needs to be a software layer at the motorbike,” Morgan said. “That’s without a doubt what we’re looking to build.”

That destiny isn’t right here yet, but Hammerhead is beginning out by constructing a purchaser device. And while Morgan finally plans to license the software program to motorbike producers and different companions, he stated there could be a common goal throughout the commercial enterprise: To build merchandise that cyclists want to apply.

That consists of the Karoo device itself (presently to be had for $399) — a mountable, shockproof computer with a high-decision, anti-glare touchscreen. But Morgan argued that the actual differentiator is the software because the dominant products from organizations like Garmin are built with “software that’s pretty rudimentary.”

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The Karoo, then again, runs on a regularly up-to-date, Android-primarily based running gadget called Karoo OS. It includes a mapping and turn-via-flip navigation machine that the organization said is designed in particular for cyclists. And the actual ability can be unlocked while it launches an app shop, an excellent way to permit 0.33-birthday party software to run on the tool.

Hammerhead is pronouncing that it has raised $4.2 million in seed funding led by way of Primary Ventures and KB Partners, with Primary’s Steve Schlafman and KB’s Keith Bank becoming a board member. Courtside Ventures, Maveron, Drummond Road Capital, MapMyFitness co-founder Robin Thurston, and Zipp CEO Andy Ording also participated.

“What makes us a compelling task-scale possibility is what I believe is without a doubt going to be nearly a winner-take-all state of affairs,” Morgan stated. “The enterprise that [defines] this category is going so that it will own it.”

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