19 Incredible Sandwich Chains the Entire Country Needs

Sandwiches have been modified as the sector has reduced in size. Global influences are finding their way between slices of bread. Regional tastes are now countrywide traits. And as the once-humble sandwich store diaspora now includes fancy chef-driven sandwiches to go alongside antique-college delis and clutch-and-move counters, so too has the sandwich chain recreation been elevated.
When one thinks of a sandwich chain, thoughts straight away pass towards large dogs like Subway, Jersey Mike’s, and Jimmy Johns. Maybe Great Harvest or Panera enter the mixture, or nostalgia pangs steer you in the direction of Potbelly’s secret menu. But there may be so, a lot greater out there. The restaurant chains in this listing represent the excellent multi-area bread bombs in the US. Some are vintage-college regional chains liked by way of generations. Some are proper farm-to-desk pioneers. Many cater to the consolation foods of the beyond, whilst a few twist lifestyle into incredible new creations. One thing they all have in common: If you notice one beginning to your metropolis, it’s the reason to pre-suppose your lunch plans.

19 Incredible Sandwich Chains the Entire Country Needs 39

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop
Where they’re: Delaware, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington State, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C
To quote former Thrillist team of workers creator/Delaware native Lee Breslouer, “There are 3 matters about my domestic state that I’m pleased with: Dogfish Head, the beaches, and the Bobbie. And Ryan Phillippe.” The Bobbie — Capriotti’s massive-time dish — alone has chiseled the Delaware chain into the pantheon of American sandwich greats. And whilst any Capriotti trustworthy will let you know all the sandwiches are tremendous, it’s the Bobbie’s that really sticks its neck out. A Thanksgiving-ish combo of stuffing, roast turkey, and cranberry (served yr-spherical), the sub has modified the lives of the individuals who had been fortunate sufficient to get one of their gullets… a number it really is increasing notably quick, as Capriotti’s has now spread coast-to-coast in nearly 20 states. No offense to Ryan Phillippe (whose overall performance in I Know What You Did Last Summer stays extraordinarily underrated); however, the Bobbie continues to be Delaware’s favorite son.

Cousins Subs Despite its dominance in the Midwest and lack awareness of Springsteen’s unreleased b-sides, Cousins honestly has East Coast roots. It turned into founded through multiple Jersey transplants in 1972, all through a bout of separation anxiety from the liked Italian sub stores they left at the back of in the Garden State. They did precisely. Cousins is now a Wisconsin group because a superb sandwich is an extremely good sandwich irrespective of your stay. When you combine the grand Jersey sub-tradition with the simple strength of Wisconsin cheeses and meats, you are on target for a fantastic gut bomb. The bread that they bake each day doesn’t hurt, either. Neither do the cheese curds, which now not extraordinarily move tremendous with the requisite cheesesteak.

D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches One of the most dependable purveyors within the northeast, D’Angelo’s offers more than forty warm and cold alternatives and is best known for their steak and cheese sub and wraps. Brian J. McLaughlin and Jay Howland opened the unique, then-referred to as Ma Riva’s Sub Shop, in Dedham, Massachusetts, 1967. It became renamed Angelo Sub Shop at some point, and the “D” was tacked on in 1978, which rumor has it stood for scrumptious. Fun reality: they even serve foot-long lobster rolls for $22.99, an absolute thieve if you do the long department and/or have ever been charged $30 for what’s basically a buttery crustacean slider in New York. Makes experience.

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