Roger Goodell would really like to stick to sports activities

MINNEAPOLIS – It turned into appropriate that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s annual pre-Super Bowl press convention become held the day after President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union deal with. After all, the yearly speeches generally tend to serve similar functions: To guarantee that the country of our use of a or of our u. S. A .’s preferred recreation is robust, regardless of what some headlines may say.

Like Trump’s speech on Tuesday, (“I call upon all of us to set aside our variations, too are searching for out not unusual floor”) Goodell on Wednesday framed the modern-day kingdom of the NFL as a sunny and optimistic region. And for the maximum part, newshounds appeared to play alongside – to stick to sports activities. There, within the realm of sports activities, the NFL’s foremost controversies involved the ineffective catch/no-capture rule, the overuse of replay, the implementation of the Rooney Rule and the NFL’s international increase. You’d almost suppose in the course of the 40-minute press convention that lifestyles in the NFL – where massive chunks of this season have been ruled through headlines that had not anything to do with sports – had again to normal.

The word “concussion” become now not noted throughout the clicking convention. (Goodell did communicate generally approximately the NFL’s efforts to enhance player safety, and he praised it: “The game of soccer is tons more secure than after I played it,” he said.) And the call Colin Kaepernick went unspoken for 34 mins, till a reporter requested a query about why Kaepernick remained unsigned by any of the 32 groups (no matter the lack of gifted quarterbacks inside the league).

What the NFL wishes is this: During a season wherein non-football controversies appeared to affect the American urge for food for the league, keep on with sports. I get that that is appreciably oversimplifying matters, however, it appeared all through the past couple NFL seasons, people on the left had been doubting their NFL loyalty due to participant protection concerns and those at the proper had been doubting their loyalty because of the protests during the countrywide anthem that Kaepernick kicked off. Goodell, of direction, performs neither to the left nor the right but alternatively the center. Goodell has regarded to internalize that if the NFL desires to stay America’s No. 1 game, it must attention on the sector.


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And so, with the Lombardi Trophy sitting subsequent to him, Goodell spoke about the league’s efforts to make bigger the sport globally, specifically in Mexico, the UK and China. He spoke about how loosening the rules on on-subject celebrations helped convey an extra joyful league that appeals to more youthful lovers. He spoke approximately participant worries with Thursday Night Football and about the sexual harassment controversy concerning Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson. He spoke, at length and thoughtfully, about revisiting this offseason the definition of what a capture is.

“A lot of the point of interest for us in the offseason is going to be on the rulebook,” he said. “If you observe the capture/no-trap rule, the officials are officiating that efficaciously. What we should do is discover a rule that we assume goes to address what we assume ought to be a capture. We had numerous gamers within the NFL workplace two weeks ago, we had numerous coaches, numerous officials, and we spent 3 hours, looked thru one hundred fifty-one of a kind plays, and tried to for what it is we assume ought to be a catch, and then what we suppose the guidelines need to be to ensure that is deemed a capture on the sector.

“And we have got a few excellent thoughts that we’re going to post to the competition committee,” he endured. “There could be loads of awareness on going to the floor, which I assume has been a part of the confusion. We have a high-quality possibility right here to get this rule right, so everybody knows it and appreciates it. I would like to begin returned – rather than adding to the rule of thumb or subtracting from the rule, to start over again and observe the guideline fundamentally from the start. When you add or subtract things, it can cause confusion. These policies are very complicated.”

These had been considerate remarks, and noticeably essential to diehard football fanatics. But this changed into now not a second where Goodell wanted to discuss the close to-existential troubles which have affected the NFL in recent years, particularly the game’s connection to traumatic mind injuries in its gamers and the game’s improved politicization in latest charged political weather.

“I’m not going to tell you there might not be controversy, but I accept as true with we can get to a miles higher vicinity,” Goodell stated.

He becomes speak about the NFL’s efforts to outline what a seize is. Those equal words might have been carried out to a lot bigger, a good deal extra threatening problems the NFL is going through. Perhaps it is natural, however, Goodell could choose to paste into sports activities

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