Why You Should Not Use a Free WordPress Theme

If you’re interested in using content material marketing to develop your online reach, you’re going to want a content material management gadget (CMS).

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Of all of the CMS options available, WordPress is by using ways the maximum famous. It is likewise the maximum famous way to construct a website online.

So it’s the best way to build a website, and the quality way to the weblog, sounds pretty first-rate, proper?

Before you bounce in, ensure to read this publish, or you might devote the maximum common epic WordPress failure. Trying to do all of it on a free WordPress subject matter.

While there are plenty of outstanding themes on the market, there are also some free basic issues that you may observe on your site.

It is probably tempting to store a couple of bucks and use a loose basic subject, but in doing so, you’ll just hurt your emblem. Trust me in this! I actually have created masses of WordPress websites.

Here are some reasons why you ought to never use a unfastened, primary WordPress theme.

They Usually Don’t Have All the Bells and Whistles

Your website is going to need the same features that your competitors are presenting. Basic topics normally don’t have one’s capabilities.

For instance, if your site requires a mega-menu, fancy spinners, or AJAX page loading for a rich personal experience, don’t expect to find those features on a primary subject. Besides that, primary subject matters usually provide a much less-than-amazing collection of widgets and sliders that more professional templates provide (totally free).

The typical aesthetics of professional subject matters are usually far superior to loose primary topics. They’re created by way of folks looking to make a living off of WordPress topics, and it shows.

Why? Because it appears simple and doesn’t provide the expert charisma of an extra sophisticated subject advanced with a company target audience in thoughts.

The old saying applies here: you get what you pay for. If you want a basic WordPress subject matter because it’s unfastened, it will appear and feel like a free theme to folks that go to your website.

The closing issue you want is for someone for your goal marketplace to study your internet site for the first time and say “Meh” after seeing your lackluster theme. Instead, give them the “Wow!” thing with a design that looks as if you’re geared up to do enterprise.

That’s why you need help. You ought to be able to ask the theme developer questions about a way to make changes, and you might even factor out some insects.

Support is especially valuable in case you’re no longer an expert web developer. If you don’t realize a whole lot approximately PHP, CSS, HTML, or JavaScript, you they’re not in a very good position to make changes to your own. You’ll need the help of a person who’s informed about those subjects.

You won’t possibly locate outstanding aid with a primary theme.

On the opposite hand, most expert theme builders offer aid as a part of the deal when you buy their topic. The assist might be restricted by time (as an example, you might simplest get three months of support), but you could normally make bigger the aid for a yr by paying a nominal fee.

You’ll most effectively make your existence extra difficult in case you get a bland subject that you’ll struggle to update in your personal due to the fact the author doesn’t provide an assist. Get a fantastic subject with pleasant help.

Not Necessarily Responsive

It can’t be said often enough: mobile advertising is important, and it’s no longer an alternative.

That may want to pose a hassle in case you opt for a fundamental topic. Some simple WordPress issues are antique and may not be responsive.

The phrase “responsive” is geek-communicated for “it works on any device.” A responsive internet site is consumer-friendly and appears professional on any platform – whether it’s a cellphone held in portrait mode, a tablet in panorama mode, or a computer PC.

You possibly won’t see contemporary responsive development on a simple WordPress theme. That method people who get right of entry to your web page from a cellular tool may want to have a problem navigating around it. When that takes place, they’re going to leave your website online and pass go to the more responsive web page of 1 your competitors.

That’s why you ought to opt for a professional, responsive topic over a fundamental subject matter.

Professional Themes Don’t Break the Bank.

Think you couldn’t have enough money for a notable WordPress subject matter? Think again.

The exceptional-selling topic on ThemeForest has a five big-name rating and more than 22,000 purchases. It additionally costs the most effective $59.

If you’re strolling an e-trade site with Ecwid or WooCommerce and WordPress, the exceptional-selling e-trade subject matter on ThemeForest additionally costs the most effective $59.

All WordPress topics need some stage of customization to look, expert. Generally, this means they may need to adjust the layout, broaden new templates and basically re-code the subject so that it suits your internet site.

At the quiet of the day, you could almost never have an expert searching internet site with a loose subject.

With a paid subject, you, as a minimum, have a professional foundation to build a pleasant internet site based totally on the WordPress content management structures.

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