Types of Hoodoo Spells

Welcome to the mystic land of spells, charms, jinxes, and though we do not prefer calling it that, curses. Yes, we have all heard about the Big Bang Theory and how evolution happened across billions of years, and neurotic scientists across the world have countless hours proving it.

However, there is a deeper, darker meaning and source behind every phenomenon, don’t you feel that sometimes? And this magic, for a lack of a better term, may not be a tangible source of energy but exists nonetheless. And while we may seek factual, scientific explanations for day-to-day occurrences, most of us still tap on wood, mouth a “bless you” to anyone who sneezes, and cross our fingers when we want something.

The news of a shooting star still has us rushing outside to make a wish on a falling ball of gaseous substances. Linking us to a higher form of power enables us to tether ourselves to the earth, which in all honesty, is a floating geoid-shaped planet that revolves around a flaming star, and has so many different species of living things inhabiting it. Put that way, existence seems far less simpler to explain than a big ball of nothing exploding into everything.

Types of Hoodoo Spells 36
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Let’s look at the basic types of hoodoo spells.

Banishing Spells

To cast something or someone out of your life is to expel them. If it’s a human, the spell will prevent them from even thinking about or seeing you. Banishing spells are used by some practitioners to expel evil spirits generally. Banishing spells are common in folk magic traditions like hoodoo.

Banishing spells do sound quite handy when you need that pesky little person just packed and stuffed out of your life like a nasty burrito that’s dumped in the garbage. Everyone’s got that one person without whom life would be eons better. Even the most agreeable of all people would nod their heads to the truth in that fact. This is where banishing spells come into play.

Sweetening Spells

Sweetening spells, also referred to as honey jars, aim to soften or improve someone’s attitude toward you. They can be directed at a particular person or circumstance, such as a court case, a professional challenge, or a personal connection. In a jar, a depiction of the target is put, and honey is sprinkled on top.

Especially in hoodoo practice, honey jars are a typical love charm employed in folk magic traditions from all over the world. Sweetener spells have been used for ages in a wide range of civilizations, with varying ceremonies, materials, and containers, but they always have the same basic framework. Basically, it refers to hoodoo love spells. Not to worry, hoodoo love spells are less threatening than what they sound.

A hoodoo honey jar spell is used to make someone feel better about you. The spell is not just for romantic love; it may also be used, for example, to draw your crush closer to you. A sweetness spell could put you back on your boss’s radar if you’ve lost their favor.

Binding Spells

Binding implies limiting or controlling the target’s power. The purpose of this kind of ritual is to tie up someone or something metaphorically in order to control their behavior and stop them from hurting themselves or other people. Although it is not a good idea to perform these charms on another person, you may cast a binding spell on yourself, for example, to kick a bad habit.

In the days of “binding magic,” spells were king. In contrast to modern magical expressions like, say, “bippity boppity boo,” ancient Greek and Roman magicians used spells to “bind” individuals to specific outcomes in sporting events, financial transactions, and interpersonal disputes involving love and even retaliation.

Protection Spells

The greatest present we can give one another is a sense of security and protection. In the past, shamans and healers helped people get well, get rid of sicknesses, and feel stronger. In many instances, these rituals were supplemented by the usage of cures like food, drink, cleanses, and other things.


People have looked for cures for the various ills that have plagued them since the dawn of time, from bodily ailments to threats posed by bad and unfriendly people. Many folk healing and pagan traditions held that before a substance’s chemical characteristics would work, one had to enlist the help of the guardian spirit of the healing plant or substance through prayers or gifts. Although the Church denounced these spells and customs as paganism, it did not try to eradicate them, instead attributing their curative powers to the apostles and saints.

Freezing Spells

A freezing spell is often used to silence someone, much like binding spells are. This is referred to as “freezing someone’s words or actions.” The most typical method is to write down the target’s name and freeze it.

Someone is disseminating false information about you, is this harming your life? Do you suffer from a persistent ex-lover who dumped you? Are you facing an unjustified lawsuit or court appearance? When you need to stop someone in their tracks while they are attacking you, nothing is more effective than a straightforward Freezer spell. These charms have been used by hoodoo conjurers for years and are still widely used today for one reason only: they work. This charm for a container could prevent someone from speaking or behaving favorably toward you.

Good Luck

The best way to empower ourselves is to embrace luck. By eliminating fear and boosting our willingness to take calculated chances that result in success, these spells can open doors. Consecrate a lucky object, like a coin or a gemstone, to draw luck.

Getting a voodoo spell book is a great option for those exploring the art of hoodoo rituals. These hoodoo spell books tell you the requirements, processes, and things needed to successfully complete a hoodoo ritual. Like perhaps, a hoodoo candle is the missing part of the hoodoo protection spell or hoodoo money spell you are trying to perform.

And good luck on the spells too!

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