Top Four Tips for Driving Like a Pro

Every time you are behind a wheel, you must remember that you are operating a very dangerous piece of machinery, which at the same time is very complex. If You’ve just finished driver’s education classes, and, is excited to get your car out of the garage, then, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. One can not know everything about a car, and there’s always room for improvement, when it comes to driving. Hence, in this article, we will talk about a few tips which can improve your driving abilities overnight. Practicing these tips every time you go out with your car, will make you a master in driving.

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Be Smooth

None of the parts of your car, wants a bang on them. The tires, the chassis, the transmission abruptly slamming on them is not a good idea. If you bang the brakes too hard, that basically gives on too much weight on the front tires, which can make the back tires swing around making the car unstable. On the other hand, too much acceleration can throw the weight of the car on the rear tires, which can again make the front tires unstable.
So, basically, smooth driving generally goes on to mean that you can control the weight of the car. The mass of the car shifts from here to there while you drive. Controlling that weight, while you drive means that you have mastered driving.

Turn Later

If you are interested in car racing then you must’ve seen racing cars getting toppled at the corners. This is because they turn too early, and the resulting arc of the car with the corner of the track makes the car unstable and carries them right off the turn. You can actually see this in practical life, when you see the car ahead of you taking a turn. If the car while turning, crosses the yellow line, then its basically turning too soon.
While turning later needs a lot of practice, you just need to keep in mind that before turns you need to slow your car down a bit, so that the tires can bite better and give you a better grip over the car.

Look Ahead

This is one of the lessons that might have been covered in the driving school as well. But, this is important for you to remember each and every time you go out with your car. Sometimes, driving instructors at your driving school ask you to have a look at the car ahead of you. But no, to be a pro you always should look down the road as far as your eyes go. When you are driving on a mountainous road, you are looking at the next corner you would take a turn, in a highway you are scanning the horizon. Each of our eyes have a system that can give us warning, but too often we just don’t want to use it.

Brake like you’re taking a Crap

This is something that most car instructors don’t say, but yes, brakes are very sensitive and can upset the balance of your car in a large way. As we said in the first point, you need to be smooth. Hence, it’s like taking a crap. You squeeze, you push and then gently taper off.

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