Local blogger Naiha J. Eiman, who is going by Instagram handle Rebellious Brownie, has referred to as our fellow social media influencers for lying to their followers about product reviews.

Before happening IG stay to document the incident, Naiha first asked her fans whether or not she should talk approximately a count number it is frightening her for a few days now. The solution turned into a powerful ‘yes.’

She uploaded the video. “I do not mean to offend of belittling anybody. A couple of weeks back an enterprise reached out to me to check a product. After using the product, I told the organization that I will not evaluate the product due to the fact I do no longer love it and that if they want an honest review, I can try this. The organization said no, they’d take back the product and that I don’t should assessment it for them. I said okay, I don’t want cash and I won’t review it until they want a sincere overview on it. I lower back the product.

“After a few days I saw some bloggers reviewing it, and I advised hem that it’s now not worth it and they must no longer advocate it in any other case they’ll lose their credibility. Nobody listened to me. Then I saw one blogger publish a [positive] review [on the product]. I felt hurt and offended through those actions, and I commented below the put up saying ‘I did not like the product. I even have used it, and I will no longer suggest it to everybody’, my comment turned into deleted.

I, in reality, faced the blogger, and she admitted that she become doing the incorrect thing, but she nonetheless determined to take the logo’s aspect. The product turned into reviewed without being used.”

Naiha refused to name and shame the blogger in question but stated that this video is a message for all different bloggers out there to be extra responsible and honest with their followers.

“I care approximately the fans. Why do you name yourself an influencer if you’re going to lie approximately the use of certain products and propose them to all and sundry,” especially one that comes with a substantial fee tag and maybe steeply-priced for fans, she requested fellow bloggers?

“In my eyes, that blogger has misplaced all credibility,” said Naiha. “If you want it after reviewing it, [it] makes feel [to recommend it to your followers]. It disillusioned me considering that such a lot of human beings comply with you and they’re willing to shop for products based on your advice, and you’re lying to them for a small amount of money. Stop calling yourself an influencer if you’re now not going, to be honest with your followers. Please take this role severely otherwise leave this enterprise.”

Speaking to IG customers, she confused, “Be cautious about who you follow and what you buy based totally on a person else’s advice due to the fact now I don’t know how many bloggers are accessible who post about merchandise without reviewing them. I want to be honest to my followers.”

Other nearby bloggers like Bia Alina (that Karachi girl), Fatima Haryana (that girl with the blue bag) and more gave Naiha a shoutout for being genuine to herself and her followers.