GOOD DAY TO you! Are you geared up for some déjà vu? Welp, the GOP, reputedly forgetting how poorly it went for the last time, has decided to target the Affordable Care Act again. What else happened closing week? Federal prosecutors charged Stormy Daniels’ attorney with some essential crimes, and Chicago authorities dropped all prices in opposition to Empire actor Jussie Smollett. It becomes additionally per week wherein Spice Girls slashfic grew to become out to be real, and promotion for the subsequent Avengers film has become a meme. But possibly most significantly, it turned into the week while Meghan McCain threw color, and the net loved it a lot. What else has been occurring over the past seven days? So happy you asked.

There Is No Closing Argument With the Mueller Report
What Happened: After almost two years, I recommend that Robert Mueller’s investigation is over, and it’s time to discover what he observed. Or it is time to find out what one man needs to tell humans about what Mueller learned.

What Happened: When we finally spoke, the long-awaited Mueller report had just been delivered to the Department of Justice after nearly years of long-running investigations, consisting of more than one indictment and guilty pleas. Following two days of frantic and pundit-filled conversation, US lawyer General Bill Barr issued a record summary to Congress. So what did it say?

However, as odd as it can be, it became less likely to suddenly think about Barr’s earlier statements before getting the widespread attorney gig.

This was exciting for apparent reasons, no longer least of which being that the 22-month investigation may have ended with someone setting their finger on the dimensions as opposed to, you know, letting justice be served.

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