The Definitive List of WordPress Theme Frameworks

SitePoint already has a long list of articles on WordPress subject frameworks. However, as you’ll see, there are dozens of frameworks accessible, all with their strengths and weaknesses and catering to unique styles of development.

I am sitting in my office, scratching my head, considering WordPress subject matter frameworks. It is late. I’ve been looking at this article for days, weeks, even months and wondering what to put in writing; this is exceptional and precise to the other writing patterns about frameworks.

I had a mind wave while lost in my thoughts. It occurred to me that when people write about WordPress frameworks, they tend to cover the easiest, the principal ones, you understand… the ones that the developers on your nearby WordPress Meetup community focus on—frameworks like Genesis, Thesis, or WooCommerce.

Why is that? Maybe they didn’t look tough enough, or perhaps they didn’t want to write down about frameworks that could die off (or are now not developed). Or maybe they’d like a decent cut-off date and default to the top-rated ones from search engines like Google. Who is aware of it?

I want to be unique! Yeah, that’s right, sit back, clutch, and espresso. I’m going to take you through a Definitive Guide to WordPress Frameworks.

Why definitive? Definitive by definition method “done or reached decisively and with authority. Synonyms: conclusive, very last, closing”.

I’m no longer going to stop at one or maybe ten frameworks. As I said, I’ve been discovering this for some time. The listing is extensive. There is quite some right here that many of you might or might not have heard of. But that’s okay because it allows for sharing and gaining knowledge from everyone. You may also find a framework that you need to contribute to or advocate for that’s no longer indexed.

Before diving into the list, I must cover some historical details about topic frameworks. After all, this could be the first article you’ve ever read about topic frameworks, and I don’t want you to be ignored. If you’re a veteran of frameworks, you may skip down to the lengthy list of frameworks below.

A topic framework is a parent theme, which a development group or person developer could create to provide some functionality that would make it easy to update and reuse on many sites without affecting the design of individual websites.

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