The Best OG Cell Phones of All Time

Ever get nostalgic for the good old days, when you could customize your ringtone, and QWERTY keyboards had been something to have a good time? Yeah, neither do we. The smart cellphone revolution has given us WiFi to get entry to nearly anywhere we pass, battery life continues to enhance, and FaceTime and Animojis have us in 3008—there’s no manner we’re ever going back to ancient faculty mobile phone technology.

Mobile telephones have come an extended way because AT&T turned into known as Cingular. Phones just like the iPhone XR and the Google Pixel 3 are all the rage, however, agree with it or now not, retro mobile telephones nonetheless have some fee—you can purchase and promote them on websites like eBay. So when you have an antique Sony Ericsson or a Motorola StarTac lying in a drawer someplace “simply in case,” it is probably time to kiss that old dinosaur goodbye. Your new telephone will preserve your heat at night time.

The high-quality vintage cellular phones will continuously keep a particular region in our hearts. Here are the ten first-class standard cell telephones of our generation.

If a Motorola Razr gets flipped shut in the woods, and no person is round to pay attention to it, does it still make a valid? Arguably the maximum iconic turn telephone of all time, the Razr was a pointy, compact cell phone that speedily became a popular selection amongst middle faculty ladies and middle-elderly moms alike. Its slender shape became the primary of its kind, and the steel colorwave turned into sufficient to make up for its bare-bones functionality. If the Razr made a comeback, you could catch us in line for the midnight drop.

The Best OG Cell Phones of All Time 39

If you were a pre-teen between 2006 and 2010, there are truthful odds that an LG enV changed into buzzing nonstop for your back pocket for a hot minute. An ideal starter telephone for first-time users, the end turned into a chunky little cellular with the appearance of your run-of-the-mill mid-2000s mobile fashion. It flipped open horizontally to expose a 2d screen and full-sized keyboard, which made retaining up together with your five friends who additionally had the LG enV a great deal less complicated. The handiest strong element, approximately proudly owning this infant, became determining which color to rock.

The Samsung Juke was the authentic thin legend, a tiny flip phone that changed into both narrow and amusing. Though it turned into supposed to double as an MP3 participant, the Juke’s long swivel screen that flipped open and closed to cover the keyboard turned into enough enjoyment for all of us who owned one. The Juke turned into adorable, but its standard small length and itty-bitty keyboard made it unrealistic for everybody who didn’t have fingers comparable to an infant’s

It might also have been centered towards the operating businessman—however, no smartphone with keyboard clicks that users can be stored from teenagers. Between the Pearl, Bold, and Storm models, the Blackberry franchise turned into the top dog of versatility and turned out new products nonstop. The crossover among business and pleasure made it the best all-in-one day planner and source of enjoyment, and flexing in your pals with a mobile smartphone that made you look like a mad infant—and the delivered bonus of the Blackberry-extraordinary Blackberry Messenger (BBM)—changed into a feeling like no other.

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