T14 Law Student’s Death Ruled Drug Overdose

Earlier this month, we mentioned at the premature death of Jonathan Lumpkin, 25, who was a primary-12 months student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. He’d began his studies at the college in 2015, however, had just returned from a leave of absence. Lumpkin became located lifeless in his on-campus rental in mid-January, and he changed into the second Penn Law student to die this academic year.

At the time the school suggested the unhappy information to his classmates, the reason of Lumpkin’s loss of life became unknown. A few weeks have exceeded, and the Medical Examiner’s Office has now issued its official ruling. The Philadelphia Inquirer has the details:

A spokesman for the Medical Examiner’s Office said the death become caused by a drug overdose and the way of death was unintentional. The drug or capsules concerned in the death have been no longer disclosed.

Lumpkin’s obituary additionally mentions that he died of a drug overdose and that he’d been able to locate solace — and sobriety — in the beyond with the support of his pals.

If you are a regulation pupil with alcohol and/or drug use or abuse problems and also you’ve realized which you need help, there are numerous locations you could turn to with the intention to welcome you with open arms. Most law colleges have counseling and mental services resources that scholars and graduates can turn to if they may be in crisis or would really like counseling, even after hours. If those offerings are not to be had at your school, and in case you or a person you understand is in want assist, name the lawyer assistance software to your state (don’t be fooled by using the call; these programs additionally offer services to law students). Please don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Alcohol and drug use issues are treatable, and healing from dependency is possible — even at some point of the law college.


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We right here at Above the Law keep extending our condolences to Jonathan Lumpkin’s circle of relatives, friends, and associates at some point in this extremely hard time.

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