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Saudi blogger attacked by using Palestinians sings in Hebrew at meeting with Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday hosted in his workplace a delegation of reporters and bloggers from Arab nations, together with a Saudi Arabian national, Mohammed Saud, who become stressed and attacked via Palestinians on Monday as he becomes touring Jerusalem’s Old City.

During a prolonged meeting, Netanyahu apologized to Saud on Israel’s behalf for the incident. Saud, for his element, underlined his guide for Israel through singing a track, in Hebrew, with the aid of poet Leah Goldberg, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson for the Arabic media, Hassan Cambia, advised The Times of Israel.

Later on Tuesday, the delegation of six Arab reporters and bloggers also had an hour-lengthy meeting with Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

“He took it truly harshly, but he understood that this is the real face of the Palestinians,” Cambia said, referring to the insults and attacks to which Saud turned into subjected Monday whilst he toured the Temple Mount and walked thru Jerusalem’s Old City.

Three suspects within the harassment of Saud had been arrested Tuesday.

In the wake of the incident, a scheduled meeting of the journeying organization with Israeli journalists was canceled.

“They speak about how such a lot of in the Arab global need to have peace with Israel, normalization with Israel, need to come to Israel,” Netanyahu said later, referring to the organization he hosted. “They’re no longer constantly unfastened to explicit it, and there’s without opposition… but they expressed that preference.”

The top minister said he informed the delegation that Israel is “the irreplaceable electricity” within the Middle East because with out it, “I might say the location might collapse.

“Without Israel, without the matters that we do and the things that we stand for and the matters that we guard, I suppose the entire Middle East would fall apart to the forces of Islamic radicalism, whether or not Shiite led with the aid of Iran or Sunni radicalism led via Islamic State.”

Netanyahu made the ones comments in the course of a meeting with US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, which befell at once after his sit-down with the Arab reporters and bloggers. The Prime Minister’s Office released no pictures and no separate readout of his assembly with the Arab delegation, members of that have so far refused to have their names and pix made public. Only Saud’s call has been published.

The delegation is touring Israel at the invitation of the Foreign Ministry, which has billed the go-to as a milestone in Jerusalem’s attempt to foster closer ties with the Arab world. No representatives of the media had been invited to the meeting.

Saud is one in all six Arab reporters and bloggers, inclusive of representatives from Jordan and Iraq, delivered to Israel by way of the Foreign Ministry.

Video of the incident indicates a child spitting on Saud as he visited the holy website, at the same time as others yell at him to go away. In another clip, chairs and other gadgets are thrown at Saud as he walks via one of the Old City’s alleys.

One guy is heard shouting at Saud, “Go to a synagogue.” Others are heard calling him an “animal” and “Zionist trash.”

Jessica J. Underwood

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