Tips to stay secure on this Safer Internet Day

Around forty percent of the world’s population has an Internet connection, accounting for over three billion customers. These customers are continuously searching, more and more connecting and constantly replacing information with every other. However, while accessed by cybercriminals, this sheer quantity of data can result in devastating situations and ways-accomplishing implications. As we rejoice Safer Internet Day 2015, with the topic of “Let’s create a better net together,” the time is now to raise attention amongst children, young people, mothers and fathers, and the industry at large to make the Internet a better and a safer region for everyone people.

Understanding the dark side of the Internet

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Have you ever looked for yourself online? Do you know that you leave a digital footprint whenever you get online? Do you recognize that something you do online is saved into a digital file on hand by others?

In these days’ digital age, it is straightforward to expose non-public information online in many methods. Social media can give away touchy records about you along with your call, address, date of the beginning, and place. As we conduct a growing portion of our everyday lives online, we create a growing and permanent virtual footprint with every seek, ‘like,’ and buy. Yet, only some people think about the consequences of sharing our private facts online or its cumulative effect over time.

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Cybercriminals generally attempt to trick customers into liberating records consisting of log-in credentials and financial information through social engineering procedures such as
phishing and social media scams. In addition to social engineering, there are thousands of malware versions within the cyber panorama, all aimed at stealing your statistics. , managing one’s digital identity thus turns into a vital hobby not only for ourselves but also for our families, mainly kids.

According to IAMAI, nearly one-fourth of the college-going children in India use cell Internet on a pay in line with website online basis. Up to 73 according to cent of Indian teens are on Facebook and other social networking websites as in step with ASSOCHAM. In the latest past, numerous high-profile incidents have highlighted how the Internet has exposed many young kids and teens to various sorts of abuse and bullying. In reality, in step with Family Edition, 1 in 2 kids in India have been victims of cybercrime and poor online conditions. The dangers of online interest are similar for adults, with sixty-two percentage in India adults being sufferers of cybercrime and or terrible state of affairs online as in step with Norton Report 2013.

The same report highlights that 50 in line with most online adults have fallen victim to assaults including malware, viruses, hacking, scams, fraud, and robbery. This increases the question – are we doing sufficient to guard our own family’s privacy and protection online?
In this sort of situation, it’s critical to train kids and first-time Internet users, such as dad and mom or grandparents, approximately the possibilities of cybercrooks the usage of facts for cyberstalking or retaining music of online and offline sports.

Take manipulate of your online interest.

Safer Internet Day is an annual reminder of how careful we want to be when we are online. The following tips and friendly practices let you plug the loopholes cybercriminals commonly take advantage of and stay covered:
Keep a Clean Machine – If you haven’t used a program in months- uninstall it. These may be repositories of private information that you could have forgotten about. Be positive to live updated with software updates, as hackers frequently search for these vulnerabilities in previous software.

Use Secure Passwords – Passwords are the keys to our virtual lives. Cybercriminals appoint many methods to try and crack them. To make this venture hard for them, use strong, complicated passwords.
Two-Factor Authentication – Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), if to be had, is any other manner of verifying your identity aside from only a username and password. 2FA is made from something you recognize- together with a password, something you have got- a mobile phone that a code may be sent to, or something you’re- such as a fingerprint.

Practice Open Communication with Children – Be updated with the modern technologies and tendencies and bypass them on to your children while speaking to them openly about Internet abuse. Inculcating offline habits online can even make confident kids do not proportion private records online.
Secure Your Home Network – Change the default username and password on whatever connects to your community, especially your Internet router. Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) with a purpose of encrypting the statistics journeying via your network. Turn on all firewalls on both hardware and software program programs.

Use Comprehensive Security Software – Just as you wouldn’t visit a bed without locking your doorways and windows – the identical good judgment applies to your devices. Use a protection solution on all devices, in addition to shielding your tool against adware, viruses, malware, and so forth. A good protection software application consisting of Norton Security can even keep privateness, keep away from dangerous websites and suspicious downloads, find misplaced or stolen devices, and furthermore – deliver sufficient flexibility to protect your complete circle of relatives’ virtual life.

Use Privacy Settings on Social Media Sites – Most social media sites will come up with options to pick who you are sharing your data with. Be certain those settings are set for relied on people and pals, instead of set to public for the entire globe to look.

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