Quintessential tips for students eyeing government examinations

Despite the increasing popularity of the private sector, government jobs continue to be one of the most lucrative jobs for the country’s youths. Numerous factors draw the child towards top-notch government jobs. Some factors include excellent pay packages, job stability, social prestige and status, multiple amenities, and perks. However, with thousands of students applying for the posts every year, only some can successfully crack the exams. This factor can be attributed either to the lack of preparation or knowledge about preparing themselves right. Cracking a government job exam is not easy, but it is also not as hard as it is made to be. The following are some tips that can help you prepare yourself well for your upcoming government exams.


1. Research thoroughly about the exam

Regardless of whether you are sitting for GATE preparation or any other government exams, it is vital that you thoroughly research the exams. Try to know more about the post, marking structure, exam pattern, employment rules, interview pattern, and so on. This will put you in a better position to prepare for the exams as needed. Your additional knowledge about the post and the likes will give you an edge over the others. Researching is a way of thinking ahead of time, and there is no point in starting the research after you have cracked the written exams.

2. Go through the syllabus well

Going through the syllabus is the basic and the most significant thing to do. Candidates need to go through the syllabus so that they can start preparing each point thoroughly. Most competitive exams have similar syllabus patterns, with some minor variations in some exams like GATE. However, you never know what new changes can be introduced by the authorities now and then. Thus, it is advisable not to be lethargic and look at the syllabus in detail before starting your preparations.

3. Get hold of good study material

Getting hold of good study material is like having a significant chunk of the work done, whether GATE, IAS, or any other government exam. You will find many preparatory materials in the market that you can look into and choose from. Get as many mock test papers as possible and try to solve those. The question papers from previous years will give you an idea about the type of questions you can expect. Solving these papers will help you hone your skills and learn time management.

4. Focus on your strengths and weaknesses

Knowing your shortcomings and stability is necessary when it comes to crucial exams like GATE. Some candidates are great at English but find it hard to excel in quantitative aptitudes and vice versa. Knowing what your fortes are will help you be more confident about yourself. However, it is also essential that you are honest about your faults and weaknesses. Start working on the flaws from the very first day of the preparations. But, to strengthen your weaker areas, do not entirely neglect the fortes you have.

5. Take breaks between studying

With the government exams’ surmounting syllabus, most candidates naturally feel that the only way to succeed is to check every day. However, competitive exams are not about rot learning, It is more about working hard in an intelligent way. Make sure you take breaks between studying to ensure that your mind carries the time to take in what you have just learned. You can try the method of looking continually for two hours and then taking a break for 15 to 20 minutes to rejuvenate your mind.

6. Shift subjects between categories

Sitting with just one topic for the whole day to complete its entire syllabus is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in the preparations. You will start with a fresh mind and the determination to achieve that subject’s syllabus within the day, but halfway through it, your mind will wander off and lose concentration. Thus, it is suggested that you shift between the categories throughout your entire preparation course for the day. This way, you will have an equal concentration for each subject.

7. Accept guidance from seniors

It helps to know any senior, acquaintance, or friend who has cleared government exams before you. Take the initiative to talk to them and accept their guidance. You can ask them about their preparation methods and take in pointers from their ideas to incorporate into your ways of preparing. They can even suggest some excellent study material to you or hand you down some of the material that was of great help to them. You can even ask them to help you understand some difficult topics that you cannot grasp on your own.

8. Be confident in your abilities

Keep in mind that your confidence is the stepping stone to your success in the exam, so do not begin the preparation with the negative mindset that you might fail the exam. The confidence will help you banish the nervousness and doubts in your mind. Many candidates get nervous in the exam center and perform way below the mark they are prepared for. Give your best shot while preparing for the exams, and leave the worries and doubts outside the door. Once you have prepared to the best of your abilities, nothing can stop you from acing the exams.

These eight tips should be handy for any competitive exam you are eyeing. Follow these ideas and prepare to succeed in the upcoming exam that you are planning to sit for.

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