Questions to Ask Your Asbestos Removal Company

Asbestos is a harmful material found in thousands of old buildings. It is hazardous for human health as exposure to it can cause serious health issues such as mesothelioma and damage your lungs. Unluckily, if it is present in your home, it might be harming you severely. So, if you suspect asbestos in your home and are not sure about it, then hiring an asbestos removal expert is crucial.

However, with several asbestos removal companies claiming themselves as best, it is challenging to find the right company. But you need not worry! I am here to guide you on how to find a reliable asbestos removal expert. Below I have jotted questions that you must ask asbestos removal contractor.

Question #1. From how many years you are working as an asbestos removal expert?

Getting an answer to this question will let you know about the experience of the asbestos professional. Asbestos is dangerous, it is vital to select an expert who has enough experience in the inspection and removal of asbestos. Only an experienced contractor can carefully remove the asbestos. So, never skip asking this question.


Question #2. Do you have a license?

The license indicates that the professional has gone through proper training and is allowed by the authorities to render asbestos removal services. Thus, the permitted contractor can be relied on for the services as a license is a sense of authentication. In case the contractor does not show the license, then prefer looking for some other professional.

Question # 3. Are you insured?

Further, the most crucial question that you should ask from the contractor is insurance. The inured contractor can prevent you from falling under debts if any mishap occurs at your place during asbestos removal. At the same time, an uninsured contractor can hold you liable for the accident. So, it is strictly suggested to hire only that contractor who is insured. Moreover, insurance indicates that the asbestos removal contractor follows all the norms and ethics of the business.

Question #4. Can you provide references?

You might be thinking about what the need for references is. But, if you want to learn about the quality of services of the contractor, then it is crucial to talk to past clients. Make sure to ask the following questions from them –

  • Were you satisfied with the services?
  • Was the asbestos removed carefully?
  • Do you recommend them?
  • How much time did they take to complete the task?

Answer to these questions will let you know if the contractor does what he claims or not. If the contractor denies providing the reference list, then there is some problem, and he is not reliable.

Question #5. What is the estimated cost?

As you are going to spend your hard-earned money on asbestos removal, you should know the estimated cost of the project. It will also help you in knowing whether you can afford the services or not. I prefer hiring a contractor who provides asbestos removal services at competitive prices.

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