Opinions range about what the maximum-used programming language right now could be. However, it’s difficult to deny both the popularity and flexibility of Python. In almost 30 years because it became invented, it has grown from a niche language to a complete-blown development environment that appears to be anywhere nowadays. That consists of our loved microcontrollers now with MicroPython, and Adafruit’s CircuitPython, significantly decreasing the bar for access-level hackers and simplifying and rushing development for old palms, and offering a path to a Python-powered Internet of Things.

The CircuitPython team from Adafruit Industries – Dan Halbert, Katti Rembor, Limor “Ladyada” Fried, Phillip Torrone, and Scott Shawcroft – will drop by the Hack Chat to answer all of your questions on Python and the IoT. Join us as we speak:

How CircuitPython came to be;
The variety of IoT products that support Python;
Getting started with Python on IoT devices; and

What’s on the horizon for a Python-powered IoT?

And as an extra enticement, we’ll be giving away five free one-12 month passes to Adafruit.Io! We’ll draw five names at random from the list of Hack Chat attendees. Stop using for a chance to win. And, the Adafruit group can be streaming video live for the duration of the Hack Chat correctly.

You are, of the path, encouraged to add your questions to the dialogue. You can do that by leaving a touch upon the Python and the Internet of Things Hack Chat, and we’ll place that in the queue for the Hack Chat discussion.

Be part of hack-chapter Hack Chats are live network events at the Hackaday.Io Hack Chat organization messaging. This week we’ll be sitting down on Wednesday, April three, at midday Pacific time. If time zones have were given you down, we have a handy time quarter converter.

Click that speech bubble to the right, and you’ll be taken directly to the Hack Chat institution on Hackaday.Io. You don’t just wait until Wednesday; be a part of every time you need, and you can see what the community is speaking about.

Want a brief peek at what’s feasible with CircuitPython? Check out this portal occasion countdown timer that happens to be counting down the hours till the following Hack Chat.

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