Our Favorite Internet Pranks

We spend 364 days of the year trying in vain to stop the unfold of fake news. But nowadays, on April Fools’ Day, we have fun it. You can test out some of our favorite pranks within the records of the vacation, consisting of the London’s Capital Radio 1979 announcement that April 5 had been canceled, the BBC’s video document of a Spaghetti harvest in 1957, or Burger King’s notorious “left-handed” whopper of 1996, in this article. Or study more about the vacation’s records here.

But for now, allow’s take a look at some of the April Fools’ Day jokes handed around in 2019:

A 450-Pound Dog?

Sometimes man’s beautiful friend is also man’s most massive buddy. The Dodo’s Twitter account shared an exciting video that supposedly showed a person and his 450-pound dog:

This video functions Instagram user (and photoshop enthusiast) Christopher Cline and his no longer-quite-that-large dog. Cline’s Instagram page is full of doctored snapshots of him and his pup, but he’s also posted some official images of his completely regular-sized canine:

Did President Trump Legalize Marijuana?

Nope. That rumor comes from an April Fools’ Day joke perpetrated through LAWeekly.Com. The website wrote that Trump had signed the historic legislation during an unannounced Oval Office consultation and that the president had donned a new tie for the occasion.

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AWeekly ended their article with a note apologizing to readers for the ruse: “I am sorry to have to mention to our dependable readers: April Fools. What is SodaStream? Help me make this dream a deserved fact.”
SodaStream’s cutting-edge fake product turns indigestion into carbonation. The famous drink emblem teamed up with real-lifestyles astronaut Scott Kelly for the fictitious release of the SodaStream, carbonated water powered with the aid of burps:
Duolingo Push?
Do you ever overlook doing your Duolingo classes? The overseas language app unveiled a new characteristic nowadays, Duolingo Push, to make certain which you live centered on getting to know a new language:

Height Verification on Tinder?

Say goodbye to peak fraud. Thanks to Tinder’s new (and faux) “height verification” function, users will not have to worry approximately people short people impersonating great human beings, or vice versa:

The Smell of Space?

Have you ever been puzzled about what space smells like? We may also never get a chance to take a whiff of the air surrounding a remote planet, however for the instant, we’re content material with this description from Lockheed Martin’s fictional perform Vector: “This out-of-this-world heady scent blends metal notes to create a smooth fragrance with a sterile experience, balanced through diffused, fiery undertones that burn off like vapor within the ecosystem.

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