The office of the New York attorney preferred, which has been investigating the Donald J. Trump Foundation for months, is now looking into the Eric Trump Foundation after a report in Forbes exposed practices that appear to violate Kingdom law.

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“The lawyer trendy’s workplace is looking into the troubles raised by means of this record,” said Eric Soufer, communications director for New York country lawyer trendy Eric Schneiderman.

A spokesman for Eric Trump, the president’s son, emphasised the effective paintings that the muse has completed and said it’d cooperate with the evaluate. “During the beyond decade, the Eric Trump Foundation has raised over $16.3 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, along with extra than $three.6 million to St. Jude and other profitable causes just in 2016 by myself,” the spokesman stated in a statement. “The foundation intends to cooperate completely with the legal professional popular’s overview, and appears ahead to a effective and open dialogue with the legal professional general’s workplace to cope with any questions it is able to have.”

Nonprofit felony specialists say there are masses of things for the legal professional trendy to analyze. For starters, the Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $a hundred,000 to the Eric Trump Foundation, which in flip paid a Donald-Trump owned assets. That price become made explicitly to offset charges for the fundraiser, according to Ian Gillie, a former employee at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York. Leaders of personal foundations, just like the Donald J. Trump Foundation, are prohibited from the usage of charity money to advantage their own companies.

“The interplay among the Donald J. Trump Foundation and the Eric Trump Foundation is a singular issue to this situation,” stated Marcus Owens, who used to run the nonprofit division of the IRS. “It’s now not often that you have a father and son set of foundations which might be each underneath investigation through the identical lawyer widespread for essentially misusing assets and interacting with every different in methods that cause the property to be used for non-charitable purposes.”

In addition, Eric Trump told Forbes that his circle of relatives’ golfing path did no longer charge anything for the activities, which is not authentic. Tax filings display that the charity, in fact, did make bills to Donald Trump’s properties. Both Gillie and Katrina Kaupp, a former board member of the Eric Trump Foundation, confirmed that the charity paid the publications after Donald Trump insisted on it.

“If it’s far the case that Eric knew that he was buying the golf route, however, he continued to mention ‘Give me money for charity, and the golfing route is free,’ that might be easy charity fraud,” said Harvey Dale, a professor of philanthropy and the regulation at New York University.

The Eric Trump Foundation additionally gave donors the influence that all of the money raised at its annual golfing event went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a leading pediatric cancer middle in Memphis, Tennessee. However, further to bills to St. Jude, extra than $500,000 went to other reasons.

“If one represents that the finances are going to be used to gain charity A, and as a substitute, they go to charities B, C and D, that’s a misrepresentation,” stated Sean Delany, who once served as a New York assistant attorney popular in charge of the country’s charities bureau. “A donor may pick to donate mainly due to the fact they care deeply about children’s cancer troubles or they care deeply approximately assisting St. Jude’s health facility especially and haven’t any hobby in assisting the ones different charities. So that kind of a diversion of price range is likewise a problem.”

At least four corporations that received donations from the Eric Trump Foundation later went on to pay for golf tournaments at Trump-owned guides. The president’s son also used charity cash to buy a copper wine nonetheless and vintage bottle washer for $1,600 general at an occasion held in Charlottesville, Virginia, about an hour far from the Trump own family vineyard. In 2012, the Eric Trump Foundation donated $25,000 to the inspiration of a Louisiana artist, who created a painting for an public sale at an Eric Trump Foundation occasion. The exact info of the following transaction are unknown, but the portray — or at the least a version of it — ended up in Eric Trump’s house.

“The purchase of the portray and the private use of the painting is a classic misuse of funds,” Owens said. “It’s the identical hassle that the Donald J. Trump Foundation had.”

The board of administrators at the Eric Trump Foundation is possibly to come back underneath scrutiny as well, according to the nonprofit felony specialists. In 2015, the maximum latest 12 months for which IRS filings are to be had, the 17-character board of directors protected Trumps, six individuals who were basically Trump Organization employees, and one person gearing up to do $16 million of enterprise with the Trump campaign. That turned into a dramatic shift from the early days of the Eric Trump Foundation, while no one on the board of directors appeared to have ties to the Trump Organization, other than Eric Trump.