Mobile seduction: iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8

This tale is set seduction and explains how a horny, new Galaxy S8 pulled me toward Android and far away from my cherished iPhone 7 Plus.Our Planetary

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Over the years, I actually have used each iOS and Android phones significantly. My paintings with CXOTALK involves masses of the journey, so I’m usually searching for the contemporary and finest gadgets. Communication on the move — emails, assembly making plans, conference calls, analyzing attachments, video calls — method much less wrap-up returned in the office.

Like many executives, on the subject of mobile computing, I fee ease-of-use, pace, and visible readability on the display. In other words, I need a short mastering curve and a first-rate screen to study messages without glasses.

For the ultimate numerous years, Apple has been my device provider of desire, the contemporary being an iPhone 7 Plus. When touring, I carry an iPad Mini 4, Apple wireless keyboard, and a MacBook Pro (overdue 2013) computer; an Apple Watch Series 2 rounds out the package deal.

It’s well worth bringing up my laptop is Windows and I haven’t any particular loyalty to Apple as a brand, despite the fact that I like their merchandise.

A few weeks in the past, Samsung sent me a Galaxy S8 phone to test out. (For unfastened. So be conscious it is a disclosure.) My first response becomes, “Meh. I have already got a smartphone.” Still, they did send the brand new device so it made sense to take a glance.

Studying the Samsung smartphone, the bright screen and small length were right away appealing, and my mind opened to possibilities beyond Apple.


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The struggle for mobility is complex, involving hardware, software, user enjoy, and the entire environment of apps and related devices. Choosing a phone, consequently, calls for customers to make a complicated collection of selections and tradeoffs.

The 3 dominant cellular working system players — Apple, Google, and Microsoft — feed this selection-making beast by creating their own ecosystems. Mail services, app shops, clever watches, user experience, etc draw users in and create entanglements that make it tough to interchange from one operating device to any other. Handset producers construct in this lock-in by including their personal offerings and specific capabilities.

Phone size. The iPhone 7 Plus is a massive deal… Literally. It’s tall and wide with big bezels at the pinnacle and bottom and smaller ones on every size. As you would assume, the standard Galaxy S8 (now not the larger Plus version) is smaller than iPhone 7 Plus.

However, because the bezels are smaller at the Galaxy S8, the screen is virtually the identical peak as that at the iPhone 7 Plus, as you could see in the photograph below.

The Samsung bodily layout is a super instance of shape following function, primarily based on technological advances. Apple is truly behind the curve right here.

The Galaxy S8 display is tall instead of huge, which additionally makes it easier to keep.

Apple is truly privy to the display screen length issue. As ZDNet has suggested, one of the maximum chronic rumors for the iPhone 8 is a digital domestic button, which presumably might function just like that at the Samsung.

Hardware: speed, connectivity, and display. Based on my use, both phones are fast enough for business users, despite the fact that raw velocity is hard to a degree without specialized checks.

There changed into one large distinction I discovered, however. The Samsung appears to pick up weaker WiFi alerts better than the Apple. For business humans, this is essential due to the fact it may make the distinction among preserving an active connection or no longer.

The Galaxy S8 display also has better resolution than even the bigger iPhone 7 Plus. The screen seems brighter, sharper, and less difficult to study.

I must mention that Samsung pumps up the show hues so that they pop greater strongly. Beware whilst enhancing photos because different people might not see your pics as you intended (except they’re your equal cell phone and settings). Fortunately, you could turn off these unnatural acts of coloration with a setting.

Then there is Bixby, Samsung’s new and immature competitor to Siri, with its own committed hardware button. Allocating a dedicated button to Bixby become a lame circulate. As commercial enterprise humans on the cross, we want simplicity and now not gimmicks. This is one location in which Apple’s product designers display ways extra polish and maturity than Samsung.

Operating gadget and options. Here’s wherein we get into the nonsecular wars, so I will say it appears that evidently: each Android and iOS are first rate running systems. Android is sort of a racy sports activities automobile whilst iOS is a comfy sedan.

In well known, Android gives more flexibility and customization options even as iOS limits selections. Although flexibility is great, it can create complexity and a steeper gaining knowledge of curve. The Samsung tool has many little alternatives, with names like “Direct call” or “Palm swipe to seize.” I’m positive all of these selections and alternatives are important, but with names like that, it is hard to say.

As with most of the people in business, I actually have little interest in spending the time needed to discover plenty of configurations and jargon.

Apps and software. In a fashionable, important apps tend to be available for each Android and iOS with comparable functionality. However, in case you want specialized apps or capabilities, they may now not be to be had on each platform.

Importantly, check with your IT department to see in the event that they require one platform or the opposite. Some businesses standardize on an unmarried platform and build committed apps for that working device alone.

In summary, both structures assist fashionable-purpose apps equally well but Apple has extra richness and intensity than Android.

Security. Both Apple and Samsung use a fingerprint sensor to relaxed their phones. Samsung gives extra options, along with facial popularity and an iris scanner, but does no longer have Apple’s recognition for tight safety. Samsung does not allow information encryption by default; it’s a separate transfer that you need to manually configure.

Seduction and passion
Phone size, display exceptional, and higher connectivity became determining elements in my Samsung seduction, even though neither the iPhone nor the Galaxy S8 is perfect.

To summarize, the Galaxy S8 hardware is advanced to the iPhone 7 Plus at the same time as its software is good enough. With this aggregate, the circulate to Samsung is consummated and entire.

Switching is a hassle, however, I’m secure with my preference to this point. Of route, we will see what occurs within the fall when Apple releases its next iPhone. In the period in-between, I’m selling my Apple Watch (which does not work with Android) and figuring out which fitness tracker to shop for subsequent.

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