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EARLIER this week my feedback approximately the recent Jamaica Observer report on Caribbean FashionWeek exhibit have been questioned, with civility and precise manners — a unprecedented commodity in recent times. The reaction got here from one who spoke with appreciate, even as I gave my perspectives. The person who was concerned with the presentation communicated with me with a slight and mild e-mail, thinking how and why? It isn’t often somebody disagrees with you and does so in a relaxed and civilised way.

Therefore, I amplify thanks and first-rate needs to the particular gentleman who knew what the phrase “civilized” approach. We had a distinction of opinion, as I declared that I turned into now not inspired via the display — an end I arrived in any respect on my own. Message learned: Respect…Even if any person is sure to invite why you “face in humans commercial enterprise”.

Some expletives could have been blanketed in the correspondence, however, they were not. There are many other people who would have gladly grown to become our differences into a time for “horrific wud”, yardie style, but as an alternative, the sure gentleman kept away from that. Yes, he failed to agree with me, but he could now not waste treasured time in argument. I ended up agreeing. So a good deal for that, thanks, please.


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So what if people want to walk round and be important of even the query of insurance of the lady body, stated I.

Meanwhile, if you are a follower of CNN, whose news insurance is spread international, you may have observed by now that in several African international locations there is a style outburst exploding internationally. Buyers are pouring in to see and buy the cutting-edge designs created by African designers, the use of substances from all across the continent in which the innovative style manufacturers have become international favorites and cash-makers for the usage of strictly African cloth.

I have been pleasantly surprised to peer the amount of exposure within the global news at the African fashion. Why then aren’t we, in this part of the arena, no longer developing approaches to advantage an area on the map the use of what we’ve got or make? Could it be we’re too lazy, too worn-out, or too missing in creativeness to settle down to create the satisfactory, in preference to wasting time or now not acknowledging actual material which we can profit from?

At the equal time, there is need for assessing the fashion commercial enterprise. There turned into a time — the actual time, a few say — whilst the Jamaican style industry turned into the best; acclaimed on the global scene. There had been designers who exhibited in Paris indicates, and other a great deal-valued areas, inclusive of high- fashion indicates in New York, for instance. Wherever the call of Jamaica went it became respected then.


Some humans tour abroad to peer historic monuments or explore nature. Others visit recognized cities for their fashion and layout. This form of tourism is playing an growing interest: more travelers do no longer need to carry domestic from their vacation locations conventional souvenirs however are seeking out some thing more contemporary and practical. It will now be simpler to find the today’s designs or style add-ons of neighborhood designers in Bratislava and its place with the assist of a brand new tool – the Bratislava Fashion Map 2017.

The non-income agency Slovak Fashion Council has posted the guide in cooperation with the Bratislava Self-Governing Region.

How the style map commenced
The concept of the style map is nothing new to towns like Milan, New York or Warsaw, who already have such maps. In Vienna, each district even has its own. Bratislava as soon as had a fashion map, created three years in the past by means of the Slovak Fashion Council on the occasion of the style competition Slovak Fashion Week.

“The map from 2014 became sort of so-so, considering there had been only a few such stores in Bratislava at the time,” stated Dana Kleinert, style fashion designer and the director of the Slovak Fashion Council.

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