Loizidou probe findings sent to attorney-preferred

Attorney-trendy Costas Clerides said on Friday he had obtained the probe’s findings into suspended state attorney Eleni Loizidou. He could assert if he deems it’s far necessary.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Clerides said that he acquired the probe’s findings on Thursday. Clerides said he might make any bulletins about the findings if necessary.

Cabinet had appointed Demetrios Hadjicosti, the head of the customs branch, as the investigating respectable tasked with sorting out the probe into Loizidou’s use of a non-public email account for the legitimate commercial enterprise. The disciplinary investigation became asked utilizing Clerides after heaps of work-related emails sent from and to the personal Gmail account of Loizidou, a senior attorney in charge of extraditions service, was made public with the aid of a Russian internet site after her account was hacked, and reproduced through the every day Politis closing November.


The emails indicated Loizidou’s eagerness to pursue extradition requests in opposition to Russian nationals, submitted via the Russian Federation’s prosecutor-preferred. When the emails were made public, she was first moved to every other department of the country prison offerings through the attorney standard; however, she was eventually suspended pending the probe.

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Loizidou is suing Politis for damages between €500,000 and €2m, claiming that the newspaper violated her right to privacy and the regulation on the protection of private statistics.

The Nicosia district court docket granted an injunction request via Loizidou last month, prohibiting Politis from publishing contents from her email account until the lawsuit is heard or until every other courtroom order is issued.

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