Over the final decade, eSports has taken off in a large way. With such a lot of aggressive gamers participating in gaming tournaments around the sector, it’s herbal that companies could launch eSports-associated peripherals with more frequency. There are numerous manufacturers catering to the eSports crowd out there — with one of the maximum distinguished being Logitech. One of the present day in the corporation’s gamer-focused G collection is the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard (See it on Amazon), that’s the first keyboard to be classified honestly “Pro” rather than a group of numbers or a mythological name. The message is obvious — this is a keyboard designed for e-Sports experts or people who need to apply the equal tools as the Pros.

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The first element you’ll notice about the Pro gaming keyboard is its lack of a wide variety of keys on the right side. Though you would possibly find the ones keys beneficial, gamers normally don’t because the compact tenkeyless design makes the keyboard less complicated to hold to LAN parties and tournaments. Plus, the smaller layout additionally offers you more space to move your mouse. From what I’ve been advised, hardcore PC gamers do not forget the number pad is a waste of space as it’s useless for tournaments. As a result, Logitech eliminated it from the Pro keyboard.

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The next “Pro” function is also designed for maximum overall performance. The G Pro functions Logitech’s proprietary Romer-G mechanical switches, which in keeping with Logitech, have a response time this is “up to” 10ms quicker than the competition (that is generally regarded as Cherry MX switches). All 87 of its keys have a short-throw actuation factor. Also, that is, the time it takes for key presses to be recognized. At just 1.Five mm, it’s .5mm shorter than an average Cherry MX Red transfer which calls for 2mm of the tour, and to put it into even more context, the Corsair RAPIDFIRE K70 desires just 1.2mm of the journey, so you can see wherein some of these boards land at the actuation spectrum. For the G Pro, the shorter actuation distance allows for keypresses, which are up to 25 percent faster than standard mechanical switches, providing you with a moderate gain. Also, the 10ms response time advantage may not be perceptible to ordinary oldsters. However, competitive gamers will be aware of it.

While the keyboard is designed for gaming, it’s also wonderful for simple ole typing. Because of the low actuation pressure, I didn’t want to hit the keys so hard, so it truely made it feasible to type faster than every day. Though the keys are easier to press down, they nevertheless have a first-class amount of resistance to them. Mechanical keyboards are infamous for being loud because of the sound of the switches beneath the keys being activated again and again, but the Romer-G switches at the Pro keyboard are fairly quiet by using assessment. That isn’t to mention the keys don’t make noise. However, it’s nothing that must trouble all and sundry around you.

Since that is a gaming keyboard, it’s been built to face up to a great deal of punishment. The complete component is strengthened by using a metallic again plate that provides stability in the course of gameplay. The backplate also adds some heft to it, notwithstanding its small size, so it received without difficulty slide around to your table. Although it certainly weighs greater than the average keyboard, wearing it around won’t break your returned both because of its small basic footprint.

One function with a purpose to be substantially preferred by competitive gamers is the capability to take away the keyboard’s six-foot-long USB cable. Instead of getting to wrap the cable around the keyboard, you can surely detach it. This will lessen the hazard of breaking the cable at the point in which it connects to the keyboard at some stage in the journey. The cable features support palms to facilitate a reliable records connection. This additionally ensures that you may, without difficulty, unplug it whilst gambling. Like the keyboard, the detachable cable feels hard and durable.


Like any first-rate gaming keyboard, the Pro keyboard features customizable RGB lighting. The major distinction among this keyboard’s lighting and that of different popular planks is that it offers “through-the-middle” lighting with keys that are flush with the base. This lets in handiest the interior of the important thing itself to be illuminated in place of the base too like it’s far with different keyboards from Corsair, G.Skill, etc. This ensures that there isn’t any lights bleed across the keys, which you could love or hate depending on your preference. The lighting fixtures are fairly customizable thanks to Logitech’s Gaming Software which lets you customize each person key with absolutely any colour conceivable. The F1-12 keys can be customized to carry out the characteristic of macro keys. Users can store their lighting profiles onto the onboard reminiscence. This method presets will always be the same irrespective of what PC the keyboard is plugged into. However, the keyboard will not save macro reminiscence seeing that that isn’t allowed in competitions.

Zone and Effects modes are clean to put into effect inside the Gaming Software app. These don’t require a lot concept since one best needs to choose a profile they like. Those two are exceptional for folks who need to preserve matters simple, however, it is plenty greater fun to apply your own colors. The quantity of options available right here can be rather overwhelming. If you’re like me, you may want to test out a number of the academic movies on Logitech’s web page.

The keyboard additionally has a game mode that’s activated by a bodily button on the pinnacle-proper of the deck. It lets you disable keys you wouldn’t need for a selected recreation, so you might not accidentally urgent a key during essential moments. You also can make it so most effective particular keys light up for sure titles. This function is likewise beneficial for actual gameplay on the grounds that there are less lights at the keyboard to distract you. If the key colors are too vibrant you may continually lower their intensity within the app. You’re also unfastened to disable the lighting altogether, however where is the fun in that? Though there aren’t any dedicated macro keys you can application similar functionality to any key thru the software program.

I use a mechanical keyboard for a few typing and determined the G Pro Gaming Keyboard to be secure and responsive. I tend to kind difficult and the Pro keyboard turned into capable of withstand my finger’s fury without a problems. To see how nicely the G Pro keyboard handles video games, I played Doom (2016), Skyrim, Knights of the Old Republic, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I’m now not a expert eSports gamer so I wasn’t able to locate any huge differences with reaction times. However, because the keys are simpler to press, I was able to flow round and use certain competencies extra smoothly. After best a quick time, playing on this keyboard have become 2nd nature. As a long way as gaming is going, I didn’t for my part note any distinction with enter time considering I’m no longer a aggressive gamer. However, genuinely gambling with a smaller keyboard made the entire keyboard and mouse enjoy plenty higher. Now that I’ve fully acclimated to it, I don’t see myself going returned to my antique full-sized keyboard for gaming. My eyes had been opened, as they say.

With its long lasting layout, responsive keys, and tremendously customizable lights, the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard is one of the quality peripherals of its type. At $129.99, the keyboard is decidedly on the highly-priced aspect although. However, it is splendid for gaming or even individuals who simply want an extra room on their table will see the gain of proudly owning it. This is easily one of the first-class keyboards I’ve ever had the pleasure of the use of for gaming and typing.

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