Linux Microsoft Office Alternatives

Despite what you can have been brought about agree with, there are in fact a number of solid Linux alternatives for Microsoft Office to be had. In fact, there are even options to be had with numerous tiers of docx assist, if this is something relevant to your enterprise.

This article will discover my advocated Microsoft Office alternatives for Linux. Some of them you have probably heard of, others may be cloud/server based options which you may not have concept an awful lot approximately until now.

LibreOffice as a Microsoft Office Alternative
LibreOffice has been my goto office suite considering its inception. Previous to LibreOffice, I used OpenOffice. What I like about the use of LibreOffice is that it is updated often, to be had to absolutely everyone who desires it and occurs to run on just about anything.

LibreOffice comes with a spreadsheet, presentation and phrase processor utility. There are different LibreOffice programs available including drawing, math and database packages. But for this article, we will be searching for the 3 middle programs that make up an office suite.

The writer is the provided word processor utility for LibreOffice. Its default document support is for of, however, it is compatible with the entirety from text to document and docx. The writer is themeable and offers a format customizable environment. Other blessings encompass functions starting from spell check to macro support.

Calc is a pretty respectable spreadsheet utility. The ordinary anticipated capability is present, consisting of the gear wanted to perform common spreadsheet calculations. The layout of the capabilities range from that of MS Excel, however, most of the needed capability is a gift.

The presentation software is referred to as Impress and it has advanced plenty through the years. Setting up a presentation feels more natural than it has in the past. And even as it’s a fantastic opportunity to MS Powerpoint, it actually lacks some of the superior functionality found in proprietary alternatives.


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Some of the stuff this is missing from LibreOffice consists of the Bibliography tool, import/export capability, default character patterns for paragraphs and having to address messy hyperlinking. Also, even as docx assist works with Writer, it’s formatting stays messy whilst establishing a few files. Calc has a tendency to freeze up on large spreadsheets and Impress would gain from an extra intensity of template alternatives to pick from. While there are a few templates supplied, there are entire classes of templates that could need to be imported manually or produced from scratch.

WPS as a Microsoft Office Alternative

I really want to suggest WPS as an alternative to Microsoft Office. In a few areas, I can accomplish that. In different regions but, it’s lacking a piece. From a visual angle, WPS feels current and easy to use. The Writer application seems the first rate, but whilst you open it there are a few instant items that bother me. The default placing for starting Writer has the software program attempting to connect to Doctor for online templates. Yet for a few reason, it by no means seems to load. My bet is there are two opportunities happening right here. One is that the online templates URL is gone or incorrect. The second is my firewall is blocking off it for a few cause. If it’s connecting to something except port eighty, then I’m glad my firewall is doing its process. However, after loading up Docer.Com, I find out the website looks as if it’s not presenting templates at all and the WPS software program surely fails to mirror this transformation.

I do like how WPS uses tabs for every record within the software itself. This is useful whilst operating with a couple of documents right now. Makes for less complicated switching among workloads! WPS additionally gives its users a ribbon-like consumer interface that is useful for folks who need something acquainted while coming from an MS Office environment. The word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications all sense very acquainted with absolutely everyone coming from an MS Office enjoy. However, the template choice isn’t whilst sturdy as you might locate with LibreOffice.

WPS also has some other strike in opposition to it. I do not see a ton of proof that the Linux port is seeing something inside the manner of development proper now. Worse, the software program is marked as alpha software.

Google Drive as a Microsoft Office Alternative
As much as human beings may also groan whilst there’s speak approximately cloud computing, there is plenty of proof available suggesting that some programs do very well despite being hosted some other place. Google Drive is an example of this achievement with their report website hosting and advent software.

Not only does Google Drive preserve pace with Microsoft’s personal MS Office cloud primarily based software, it’s surprisingly simple to use – even for first-time customers. Drive offers a huge kind of software, however for the sake of this newsletter we’re going to be focusing on the word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs.

Anything no longer furnished by default Drive is probable to be had with the addons made to be had for installation. And in contrast to add-ons with LibreOffice, they in reality work and are actively supported. Some of the more marvelous addons encompass a phrase cloud generator (which had fantastic default settings), record signing tool for e-signatures, and a screenplay formatter. The add-ons are reputedly infinite.

Then there are the templates. Not as many as you may locate with MS Office, but it’s far greater in first-rate and quantity than I found with different MS Office alternatives. The layout for every template kind is genuinely laid out by way of venture and is as smooth, to use as creating a single selection and attending to paintings.

Perhaps the brought gain of the usage of Google Drive is that something you create or exchange is straight away saved to the Google Drive itself. The only actual disadvantage I see here is that this lends itself first-rate to those who are generally related to the Internet (although offline get right of entry to is available) and keyboard shortcuts depart a lot to be preferred when compared to LibreOffice.

OnlyOffice as a Microsoft Office Alternative
If you have been to take the first-class UI features from LibreOffice and MS Office, you would have OnlyOffice. Once you get used to the interface, the most important aspect that struck me became how nicely it treated docx/xlsx documents. Not simplest became formatting saved in the location, but the software program units to this record type as the default! For the ones of you working inside a “Microsoft Shop” surroundings, this subjects.



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