Joe Arpaio learns that he isn’t always above the regulation

THE ESSENCE of Joe Arpaio’s lengthy reign as sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County, whose 4 million residents in and around Phoenix make it one of the nation’s largest localities, became lawlessness masquerading as law enforcement. Blatant racial profiling, the inhumane remedy of prisoners, and contempt for federal court docket orders — this becomes the stuff on which Mr. Arpaio staked his relentlessly self-promoted reputation as “America’s toughest sheriff.”

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Now Mr. Arpaio, who misplaced a reelection bid for a seventh term in the fall after voters uninterested in shelling out tens of tens of millions of greenbacks in prison expenses on his behalf, is dealing with a day of reckoning. In a tribulation that commenced Monday in federal court, Mr. Arpaio stands accused of criminal contempt of courtroom for having thumbed his nostril at a federal decide who ordered a halt to Mr. Arpaio’s traffic patrols, which singled out Hispanics on the premise of nothing more than their appearance, for immigration enforcement.

Lawyers for Mr. Arpaio, who’s eighty-five, have tried out an array of legal strategies in his protection, variously arguing that he did now not understand the order or that the order changed into ambiguous or invalid. His supporters argue that the entire case is a political vendetta orchestrated with the aid of holdovers from the Obama management inside the Justice Department.

Unfortunately for the sheriff, the maximum damning proof in opposition to him is the phrases he himself uttered, unambiguously, after U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow, in December 2011, ordered his office to halt detentions based on not anything greater than a suspicion that a person is probably in violation of federal immigration law. “I’m nevertheless gonna do what I’m doing,” Mr. Arpaio instructed the media in April 2012. “I’m nevertheless gonna arrest unlawful aliens.”

The sheriff’s insolence — an open admission that he would persist in behavior the decision had ruled turned into discriminatory — translated into open defiance. For a minimum of 18 months, his deputies endured to profile motorists for detention racially. Some a hundred and seventy humans have been stopped in that length, whilst Mr. Arpaio’s personal legal professional at the sheriff’s department warned him to stick to enforcing the state legal guidelines he was sworn to uphold, no longer federal ones.

Mr. Arpaio’s defiance didn’t sit well with the judge, who determined the sheriff in civil contempt of courtroom and referred the case to the Justice Department, which, having concluded that Mr. Arpaio’s policy was intentional, delivered crook contempt costs against him. If convicted, he should face up to 6 months in prison.

As a federal prosecutor said in his beginning argument for the sheriff’s trial, this changed into an afternoon Mr. Arpaio by no means imagined could come. He fancied himself above the regulation, now not its device in one county. Whatever the outcome of the judicial method against him, the trial of Mr. Arpaio is the direct result of his personal conceitedness and contempt not just for a single federal decide’s order but also for the requirements, norms, and values of a civilized society.

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