iPhone 12 Release Date: When Will Apple Launch The New Model?

The launch date for the new iPhone 12 has been revealed to be September 24th, 2018. However, in an interview with 9to5Mac, Apple’s Senior VP of Hardware Engineering, Jeff Williams, indicated that the company could move up the release date if the phones are ready. We all know that Apple has been working on the new iPhone 12. Rumors have been flying around about the phone’s release date. Now that the iPhone 11 line is out, what’s next for Apple’s flagship smartphone?

iPhone 12

While the rumors have been flying around, we know the iPhone 12 will come out in September. This means the new model will be a completely different design than the iPhone 11. If you are considering getting a new iPhone and wondering when the new model will be available, here is everything you need to know about the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 was just announced by Apple yesterday, and people are curious to know when they should expect the new model to be released. There are rumors that the phone will be available on or before June 21st, but nothing official has been announced. There are no details about what will be included in the new iPhone 12. So, we’ll have to wait to see if Apple keeps its promise.

What is new in iPhone 12?

The latest rumors have been making the rounds regarding the release date of the iPhone 12. While we don’t know exactly what the phone will look like, we know it will be a major upgrade from the iPhone 11. According to reports, the iPhone 12 will include new cameras, a faster processor, wireless charging, and a larger battery. Some other rumors have been more ridiculous, such as a foldable screen or the ability to play games in space. However, if you’re waiting for the iPhone 12 to be released, you favor a recent report by MacRumors. MacRumors, the IP ne 12, will launch in September.

What are the features of the iphone 12?

It’s no secret that Apple loves its products. The company is incredibly loyal to its users and fans. However, many would like to see the company diversify its product portfolio. Many of us want the iPhone to be more like the Android. This is because Android phones are much cheaper and easier to get. Apple’s success has allowed it to keep up with demand but has also limited the number of new products. So, when Apple comes out with a new iPhone model, many people wonder what will be added.

Is it worth upgrading to iPhone 12?

While the iPhone 11 line has been out for over a year, it’s still considered the best iPhone that Apple has ever made. The iPhone 11 has a great camera, an excellent screen, and all the features you’ve come to expect from the Apple brand. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the best smartphones you can buy now. If you’re wondering if it’s time to upgrade to iPhone 12, you should know there’s a chance it won’t be worth it. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are identical in specs and performance. They have the same display, CPU, RAM, storage, and other important components. The only difference between the two phones is the price, which is why you can find them at vastly different prices. For example, the base model of the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $999, while the iPhone 11 Pro costs $999.

Pros and cons of the iPhone 12

We’ve known for a while that the iPhone 12 will be coming out. But now that we’re closer to the release date, we can see what the new phone will have. Here are the pros and cons of the iPhone 12.


New design

Apple has been working on the iPhone 12 for a while now. The new device will have a much larger screen and fewer bezels.

Larger screen

The new phone’s screen is expected to be 5.4 inches, a significant increase from the current iPhone 11.

Better cameras

While the new camera is expected to be great, the wide-angle lens is the biggest change. The current iPhone 11 has a narrow-angle lens.


Higher prices

The iPhone 12 is expected to cost much more than the iPhone 11, possibly more than $1,000.

No headphone jack

The iPhone 11 doesn’t have a headphone jack. So, if you want to listen to music on the go, you must buy an adapter.

No Face ID

Apple is reportedly planning to remove Face ID from the iPhone 12. If you’re worried about your privacy, you might want to consider an Android phone.

Will I be able to use any previous iPhone apps on iPhone 12?

The biggest change to the iPhone is the new OLED display. The new screen will give us a new look and feel, making transferring some of our favorite apps harder. However, some apps, such as Netflix, Amazon, and other media streaming apps, will still be compatible with the new display. We’ve already seen the iPhone XR; Apple is moving away from the notch. This means the new phone will be flat and have a sleek glass design. The iPhone 12 will also have a new camera similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. Apple will likely keep the 12MP rear camera and improve its speed, which the company has done for the iPhone 11 series. Apple’s next flagship phone is expected to feature wireless charging, facial recognition, and a new OLED display.

Frequently asked questions about iPhone 12

Q: Is it true that you can make the screen darker in the new iPhone 12?

A: Yes, you can. You have three options: You can set it to dark mode by swiping on the side, turn off automatic brightness, or change the color temperature.

Q: Which are the best features of the iPhone 12?

A: I would say the biggest improvement is the TrueDepth camera system, which has six cameras.

Q: Do you feel like a “supermodel” when using the iPhone 12?

A: No. You have to work hard.

Q: Why do you think Apple hasn’t developed a new iPhone?

A: I don’t know, but the company wants to release an iPhone with a notch.

Myths about iPhone 12

1. The iPhone 12 will be the best smartphone available.

2. Apple can release a new version of the iPhone every year.

3. The iPhone 12 is bigger than the previous model.


The new iPhone 12 release date is rumored to be October 16th, 2019. The latest model will replace the previous iPhone XS on September 24th, 2019. While the last model was quite successful, the new iPhone is expected to be better than its predecessor. The design has been changed to include a larger display, a new camera system, and an improved processor.

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