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Hungary-based cell payments organisation

JAKARTA — Indonesia’s kingdom-owned telecommunications employer on Wednesday stated it has agreed to buy a 30.Four% stake in a Hungary-based mobile price provider.

Telekomunikasi Indonesia, called Telkom, can pay $6 million for the stocks in Cellum Global.

In a stock alternate submitting, Telkom stated MetraNet, it’s virtual payments and marketing unit, will to start with purchase a 20.Four% stake in Cellum for $4 million.

Later, the last 10% may be purchased for $2 million.

The two companies have also agreed to “work on a cellular price platform in Indonesia.” The deal will “enhance the fintech enterprise surroundings this is in line with Telkom’s imaginative and prescient to emerge as a Digital Telco Company,” Telkom stated in a press launch.

Established in 2000, Callum facilitates almost 20 million cell transactions consistent with 12 months and has operations throughout Europe, the U.S., And Asia, in keeping with the discharge. In Indonesia, it has currently piloted an electronic fee mission with nation toll road operator Jasa Marga and partnered with invoice charge startup Payton.


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Less than half of the adults in Indonesia have financial institution money owed, and credit card penetration is less than 10%. Telkom’s funding comes amid growing attractiveness of journey-hailing and different e-trade services. This is anticipated in the gas growth of digital bills.

Indonesia’s telcos have largely pulled out of online services amid excessive opposition from startups and conglomerates. But Telkom, the market leader and inside the strongest financial fitness, has continued to be lively, signaling ambitions outdoor of its middle communications commercial enterprise.

Since November, it has introduced investments in logistics records-technology provider Bosnet Distribution Indonesia and Malaysian satellite organization TS Global Network.

Telkom runs an e-commerce joint undertaking with eBay. It also has mobile price agencies and online streaming services which have to this point did not benefit considerable popularity in the face of competitive competition.

According to research, almost a quarter (23 percent) of agencies pay replica invoices. Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, is so worried at the quantity of money misplaced by way of nearby councils thru paying providers two times that at the stop of remaining 12 months, 2012, he made Tackle duplicate payments range four of 50 bullet factors in a list of methods for neighborhood authorities to save.

The information services corporation Experian estimates that councils waste as much as £147 million a yr through paying bills extra than as soon as. They cite examples which include that of the London Borough of Islington which lately undertook an inner audit of payments to their thirty major providers to find out that ten have been paid two times and two further providers paid 3 times – these overpayments alone totalling £55,000 – and that Leeds City Council had controlled to get better £500,000 in overpayments.

So why do replica payments appear?

No commercial enterprise desires to pay an invoice twice, but it is a reality of existence that duplicate bills are a not unusual incidence in lots of organizations – and the bigger the business enterprise, the greater susceptible it appears they’re to creating reproduction payments.

Partly the fault lies with senior managers who were given that a degree of error is unavoidable, but a number of other reasons were diagnosed as contributing to copy payment, consisting of:

· Duplicate supplier records – it is not uncommon in systems for one provider to have a number of data, to be referred to variously as without or with the Ltd or Plc, incomplete or abbreviated format, etc.;

· No clear policy on handling non-Purchase Order invoices;

· Re-issued invoices now not picked up on;

· Fraud – while most people of reproduction payments can likely be placed all the way down to ‘mistake’, there are surely attempts via unscrupulous providers to defraud thru the difficulty of replica invoices, frequently through various the call of their agency to avoid detection.

And the end result?

· The enterprise loses money;

· There is a damaging effect on coins-waft;

· And Accounts Payable (AP) team of workers are worried about more work to reclaim identified overpayments.

An Invoice Management Solution – and the way it could help keep away from duplicate bills

An Invoice Management Solution (IMS) automates invoice processing through from information capture, and has key functions that could aid detection of duplicate invoices:

· In-built duplicate bill validation processing the use of one or a mixture of key records values (consisting of supplier wide variety, invoice date, bill quantities and so forth.), rejected invoices routed for AP resolution;

· Purchase Order (PO) invoices are matched in opposition to the PO – once matched they can not be ‘matched’ again, and duplicates are rejected;

· In-constructed on-line coding and authorization processing for non-PO invoices conforming to in reality defined, enforced commercial enterprise approaches;

· Authorised customers outdoor the AP department can get admission to documents to settle queries, with a supplier portal an option to permit suppliers to song their personal bill-charge development;

· In-constructed signals make sure discrepancies are resolved within a provider’s credit score phrases;

· Powerful reporting gear include replica provider document identification;

· Invoices are prepared for charge quicker plus computerized posting to a corporation’s finance machine approach there is less hazard of receiving a re-issued bill in the first place.

The majority of reproduction bills are small in cost – but they upload up. Could an invoice control answer assist your business?

If you would love extra information approximately how automating your bill management can help your AP department reduce prices and improve efficiency, test Documation’s Invoice Management Solution.

Cash is the lifeblood of an organization. Cash control is a practice to balance a float between earnings and charges. It’s essentially a vast place of finance that involves collecting, handling and utilizing cash in a proper way. Managing cash is one of the key regions that determine the achievement of an enterprise as it supports the core needs of the commercial enterprise.

Efficient cash management improves profitability and increase of an organization. As a result, the businesses are seeking for coins management answers, at the same time as focusing on strengthening inner controls a good way to cause the better degree of centralization of coins management activities.

Irrespective of the commercial enterprise size, if your money is floating and resulting in horrific debts, it could put a terrible effect on your photograph. Having a great ratio of coins balance on your balance sheet lets you display your self and your enterprise to the capability traders.

So, in case you want to improve the cash balance of your company, right here are a few best tips for better coins management:

Working Capital Management

Cash float isn’t just restricted to working capital, however other necessities too which includes payment of running expenses and price to the providers. Instead of preventing payments to the events, it is an excellent idea which you focus on price records and state of affairs of the commercial enterprise and make a way to repay the debts for an easy overall performance of an enterprise.

Forecast Accurate Cash Flow

Forecasting influx and outflow of coins improves commercial enterprise possibilities. Financial experts advocate that enterprise need to forecast coins glide on the month-to-month foundation to identify improved possibilities. Along with information its significance your self, it’s miles similarly essential which you create attention among your agency regarding cash glide management employer.

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