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How to stay safe while using rideshare apps

After a University of South Carolina student made a deadly mistake of entering into the incorrect vehicle on Friday – wondering it was her Uber driver – there are questions about riders safety when the use of rideshare offerings, inclusive of Uber and Lyft.

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are smooth to apply. Within minutes a driver arrives to pick you up and take you on your destination.

“It’s quite handy because if I am at an occasion, I can park far and capture Uber to in which I need to head,” Paul Singh, who makes use of both Uber and Lyft, said.

It’s important to take the proper steps in keeping your self secure, precisely as the two apps end up increasingly famous.

“I might take a look at on the app how it says what automobile you are going to be in. Look for that, and always make sure I am seeking out the Uber or Lyft signal,” Missy Rhodes, who makes use of both Uber and Lyft, said. “I recognize it can be perplexing, specifically if you do not know exactly what the auto is. I am constantly double checking.”


Rhodes additionally stated that she makes sure the registration code variety on the app and the real car in shape. She makes specific the make, model and color fit as correctly.

Once you are at the ride, there may be a characteristic you can use in the Uber app referred to as “share your popularity.” That manner, your pals understand precisely where you’re. They can see a photograph of the motive force and their registration code wide variety.

After listening to approximately what occurred to the USC scholar, humans advised RTV6 those safety steps are ones they will now continually ensure they take.

“I simply assume it’s pretty unlucky human beings want to make sure they are going into the proper automobile,” Rhodes stated. “I have been in similar situations… It’s sincerely scary to think about, that something that tragic can manifest.”

Uber and Lyft require drivers to undergo background assessments and motor vehicle record exams; however, in spite of that, a few human beings are not satisfied; it’s secure.

Before getting in the vehicle, the two details riders usually need to check are that the motive force and the vehicle suit the outline in your app.

Another step to take is to invite the driver while they come who they may be there for – they must realize your call and facts. If it doesn’t in shape, don’t get into the automobile, go to a safe vicinity and watch for the proper care.

Jessica J. Underwood

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