How to spot a fake spare part

With millions of spare parts companies in the market, there are so many versions of spare parts, some that are genuine and others that are not.

Some parts will appear original, while in the real sense, they’re second hand, and unless you’re an expert, you may pay for the wrong one.

That’s why you should know to be able to tell a genuine auto part. Again, there’s always a temptation to go for the cheap parts and thus unknowingly compromise on the quality.

Continue reading and see what you need to look out for.

fake spare

Misspellings in the packaging

If you’ve done proper research on an item, you should know its right name. Some companies, mostly new entrants in the auto spare parts business, will take advantage of the already established brands and alter the brand name so that it’s not easy to notice the difference. If you don’t watch out, you may end up buying from the wrong spare part. Check if the name on their packaging is for the right parts company.

Awkward phrasing

A genuine auto spares company knows the target consumer. Therefore they ensure that their packaging and the manuals are in the right language. Put, if the parts are destined for the American market, the language used is American. You, therefore, need to check out if there could be any discrepancies.

A genuine auto spare parts company manufacturer is careful to ensure they use the right language.

“Made in” labels

A genuine spare part will have a label of the country where the parts are made.

The place of manufacture is essential because it will tell you the quality of the part. For instance, Japan’s claims are different from those made in China and will also dictate the price.

The asymmetry of spares’ components

A fake spare part is made in a hurry, and often the areas that should be asymmetrical aren’t. You need to take a keen look and company the asymmetry with the part you’re replacing.

The disparity in colors and designs

A brand makes its auto parts in some colors, patterns, and designs. Before you go shopping, you have to find out the color and the design of the original. If there’s a disparity, then you know it’s the wrong one.

Date of manufacture

The American format is date/ month/ day/ year. If you’re looking for a part manufactured in America, check out for date stamps on the packaged parts.


There’s a way a manufacturer packages their products. If, for instance, the manufacturer packages their products in boxes and you get them in plastic, then it’s likely that they are genuine.

Crazy prices

Price is one central aspect that will tell you how genuine the spare part is. If the price is too low, then there’s a reason to believe that it’s fake. The price of the auto part should not be very different from the market price.

Contact the manufacturer

A perfect way of ensuring you get a genuine part is to call the manufacturer like

. They should tell you if the item is their make or not.

If you have a car, you’ve proof how difficult it can be to get an original part. You have to do proper research, and the above tips will be of much help.

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