How to Optimize Your Website for RankBrain

Do you ever wonder how it is possible for Google to organize all the information from the world and to make that content accessible and of use to all its users?

Algorithms. For years, Google has used different algorithms, but one stands out from the rest – RankBrain.

RankBrain could be an alien term for an auto accident attorney but, it is an essential part of online and digital marketing. For your business to thrive online – have high traffic generated to the site, report low bounce rates, high dwell time, more leads, and higher sales, then your website should be optimized for RankBrain.

How to Optimize Your Website for RankBrain 39

What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a machine-learning AI that helps Google process search results. This algorithm was added to the Hummingbird algorithm back in 2015, and it defines the way businesses set up blogs and websites.

This component understands and predicts the behavior of users using AI software that learns from users’ historical data. In the past, Google used keywords entered in search boxes and then compared the phrases to content on websites, and nothing on customer experience was used or obtained. However, following the introduction of RankBrain, Google can make sense of the millions of queries submitted by users.

With intelligence as the backbone for the RankBrain, it analyzes and understands what users are searching for to return the best results.

As a marketer or business owner, how do you optimize your website for RankBrain? How do you ensure that your website has helpful information for your market?

Are your page titles and meta descriptions appealing?

Since the page title is the first thing online users see and the part of the content the users use to gauge if they should read your content, you have to work at it.

For this, keep the title clear and concise. Avoid using too many keywords in the title, and keep it interesting. The meta descriptions should be clear and leading the readers. Note that you need a high click-through rate for a high ranking, so make the title irresistible.

Create content that is valuable to your users and Google

Content is king. Great content determines if people read and share the information you’ve spent time and money writing. While content remains the most important part of digital marketing, you have to make some changes.

Writing for the keywords worked previously but, that won’t fly with the RankBrain Algorithm. This means that you should write content that is helpful to your readers. So, who is your audience? What do they need? Will your style and voice of writing keep them reading your content? What is the age bracket for your target market? Note that your persona will guide you to write the right kind of content.

With the needs of your target market under consideration, write to answer their questions. Keep your writing simple, concise, and clear.

Add rich snippets and schema markup.

To win with RankBrain, take into account the small things that define search engine optimization. You will stand out in the search engine result pages if you create simple and clear web content, as well as meta descriptions and rich snippets. These small things ensure that you appear on SERPs. Rich snippets increase your ranking almost immediately.

Don’t overstuff content with keywords.

Keywords aren’t obsolete. You need keywords for search engine optimization and ranking. But, stuffing content with keywords doesn’t work for RankBrain. Also, the keywords used should be wrapped around your topic of discussion and the web content.

Use high-quality backlinks

To improve rankings, use backlinks from trusted and authority sites.

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