How To Create an Easy Menu Bar in Google Blogger

How to Create an easy Menu Bar in Blogger

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I’ve been chatting to and fro with a blogger comrade this weekend because she had some questions on the way to better arrange her blog for her readers. Specifically, she wanted so that it will create a menu bar so readers may want to effortlessly locate posts she has written on unique subjects. There are a couple ways to do that, but the simplest way is to place your Blogger Labels to give you the results you want.

If you have got been worried about website or blog creation at all, you have likely come to understand that Google is about as tough to crack with reference to search engine optimization pointers and tricks as a Rubik’s Cube (note: if you have ever cracked a Rubik’s dice, just go away now. I am no longer clever enough to be to your area. You need to be worried approximately getting dumber via the second. So, off with you). However, via piecing bits of data gathered from numerous assets, I have observed that the Labels in Blogger don’t do a whole lot with reference to search engine optimization. Having 25 labels consistent with publishing wondering they act as key phrases for Google search optimization, probable isn’t always going to assist too much with search engine rankings. It can help with the inner agency of your blog by means of making it less difficult for customers to locate precise forms of content material, however, won’t make you the number one listing on Google for that time period.

This becomes a major bummer for me, due to the fact I idea if I simply typed in “Super Awesome Blog” in my Blogger Label field, all people Googling exceptionally remarkable weblog might surely find me. Not so. So unhappy. I will never be Super Awesome (crying in my win… Er, espresso). But, they’re very beneficial in getting human beings to find topical content in your weblog, especially whilst used continually. So permit’s create a menu bar out of your Labels to maximize their effectiveness and usefulness internally.


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Step One: Create a Master Labels List

Come up with a listing of five-7 phrases (i.E. Master Labels) that describe your posts. For instance, any submit I write this is approximately what’s on my mind, my thoughts, my personal stories get the label “Martini Musings”. Anything that entails my family gets the label “The Monkey House”. Recipes get categorized “Recipes” and so on. You can upload additional labels to each submit as properly. For example, I will label this publish “Mo’ Bettah Blogging” (from my Master Label List), but I may additionally consist of “Labels, Menu Bar, How-To, and Blogger Tips” when I outline my labels for this put up. Not a lot due to the fact I desire it’ll help with Google search indexing, but due to the fact it would help you as the reader discover this post based on the ones seek phrases in case you do an inner web site search.

Step Two: Edit Each Existing Post

Once you give you a concise list of subjects that your posts may be categorized with the aid of, undergo and edit your present labels in each submit to consist of one or two of those “Master Labels”. You can create labels for each put up by including them in the “Labels” section beneath the Post Settings placed to the right of your put up editor. (Heh? I’m Lost. Help!… When you are writing a publish, appearance for your right. See all that stuff? One is known as labels… Advert your grasp label and some other relevant search time period in there).

Step Three: Add The Label Widget (if you haven’t already)

Now that every one your posts are categorized by means of the five-7 phrases or topics that include your “Master Label List”, you need to feature a Labels Widget to your layout. Go to Layout, and “Add a system” (it does not depend on where, because we’re going to be transferring it).

Choose the Labels device.

Step Four: Edit The Labels Gadget

You might be given a pair alternatives to customize the gadget. Choose the radio button that says “Selected Labels” after which click “edit”. All the labels you’ve got ever used will arise in a list. Check the box next to the labels used in your Master List ONLY. You see I only have 7 out of 89 labels checked. ALSO, Make certain you test the radio field for “List” Rather than “Cloud”. Click “Save”.

Step Five: Move The Gadget

Now you will need to customize the area of your system. Since we’re growing a menu bar, you’ll want to bring it to the top, proper under your heading.

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