How Amazon Became One of the Top Consumer Electronic Stores in the World

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest corporations in the world. It has over a million employees working worldwide, and it earns billions in revenue every year. This article will look into how Amazon sells billions of dollars in consumer electronics and what your online retail store can learn from it.

A Variety of Choices

One of the main reasons Amazon gets so many consumers to buy their consumer electronics is its millions of in-store choices. Unlike other online consumer electronics stores, Amazon sells all kinds of brands found worldwide. This gives customers a reason to visit their site if they want cheaper choices regarding their phones and other gadgets.

Aside from this, Amazon also offers ridiculous discounts to their customers. Although you can’t imitate this unless you’re earning millions of dollars every year, a small discount can make a difference in getting people to buy your products.

Customer First

Amazon is the kind of company that always puts the customer first. As a result, it has one of the best customer services for an e-commerce store and responds fast and efficiently to all kinds of customer problems. This is partly because of the millions of employees the company has. Another reason is the company’s digital response centers.

Generated responses are great ways to reassure consumers that you’ve received their complaints. It’s also a great way to handle easy transactions, such as product replacements. For digital solutions, Amazon uses a chatbot to engage with consumers 24/7. It’s pretty effective since its implementation, and other e-commerce companies are also planning to have chatbots.

Package Theft

Package theft is a common occurrence in the United States. In fact, around 1.7 million packages are stolen every year. This results in $25 million stolen packages every day.  Most of these packages are electronics. However, Amazon is slowly implementing regulations to stop this from happening. One way to reduce package theft is through Amazon Key.

Amazon Key gives Amazon employees access to a part of your home where they can leave the package safe and sound. This requires a bit of trust from consumers who are opening their homes to strangers. Although not many customers agree with such an implementation, Amazon Key has reduced package theft by 5%. Additionally, further improvements are being made to the system, such as giving individual access or notifications when the delivery service has used the feature.

Another way Amazon reduces package theft is by giving consumers secondary choices to deliver its products. Some come in the form of lockers close to people’s homes. These lockers can be opened by a key given to customers to pick up their product safely.

Delightful Customer Service

As stated earlier, Amazon has one of the best customer services in the world. Customer service is crucial if you’re selling expensive items, such as those in the field of electronics. Furthermore, such customer service should be available at any time. Here are some ways you can implement Amazon’s delightful customer service into your company.


Investing in chatbots can certainly make a difference if you want your consumers to access your customer service 24/7. These chatbots can answer questions, write tickets so people can submit them online, and give out replacement forms for damaged and under warranty items. Of course, the best part of having chatbots in your company is that you only have to pay a few people in your customer service department.

Repair and Replacement Services

Replacement is one of the most used methods for damaged devices under warranty, especially smartphones. It is easy to do and takes up very little of your time. However, it is very costly. Phone repair services should also be available to your consumers. Millions of phone owners drop their phones all the time. Meanwhile, others might have accidentally installed malware into their device. Having a reliable repair service partner to handle items still in warranty instead of outright replacing them can save your company money. However, these should only cover minor damages. In instances of major damage, such items should be replaced immediately.

Anti-Theft Initiatives

Consumers that have their package stolen suffer an immense bout of stress. Do they wonder who they should call—the police, the courier service, or the seller? Who’s responsible, and will they get their products back? Without any good way to handle package theft, consumers are less likely to purchase from your site, even if you have a robust return policy that handles stolen packages. Thankfully, there are many simple initiatives to avoid package theft.

Tracking services and other delivery options are your best bet if you want to have anti-theft initiatives in your company. These aren’t costly options either. All you have to do is negotiate with your delivery platform or make changes in your delivery department for these initiatives to work.

The world of electrical e-commerce can be hard. However, by prioritizing your customers, giving them options for item replacement and repair, and protecting their precious cargo, you can grow your company and reach your goals. This is how Amazon reached its status as one of the best electronics resellers globally and how you can also do the same.

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