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Five Tech Tips to Punch Up Your Nonprofit Communications

There’s a disconnect in the nonprofit International. I read Infinite articles about the era and its powerful applications for the nonprofit sector, but seldom is their insurance of the essential interface among technology and communications techniques. That’s an extreme hole.

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What’s taking place, in my view, is that a lot of us shy away from the era. By leaving tech decisions to the IT branch as opposed to schooling ourselves on those opportunities, we limit the impact of our communications techniques.

My advice to you is to examine what tech equipment can support your nonprofit’s communications techniques, and what alternatives you have got. If you have got an IT team or representative, ask them to dig into the info. But get to know the basics your self. That way you may make sure you get the proper device, and you may get the most out of it.

I interviewed nonprofit generation expert and author Michael Stein for his tackle tech tips to strengthen your internet and email communications effect. Michael, who has worked with Children Now, Groundspring and now as an Internet strategist with the eOrganization.Com, had a few tremendous ideas:

1. Improve the ways in which you accumulate private statistics and email addresses from stakeholders.

Tip: Don’t simply ask for email addresses whilst you ask your audiences to enroll in your e-information. Gather name, road address, zip code, how they heard approximately you. Take it one step, in addition, to do some short surveying on issues.

Tip: Think extra like a business in phrases of figuring out the sources of those leads. You want more of them.


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Tip: Ask for an email cope with whilst your internet users request a PDF download.

Benefit: You’ll analyze extra about how various outreach techniques are working to validate (or no longer) marketing expenses and impact.

2. Publish plain text as well as HTML format email newsletters.

Insight: Many of your readers are possible to decide upon HTML e-newsletters, so publish in both HTML and simple text variations. The format makes it a great deal less complicated for readers to behave. Studies show that HTML format performs tons higher in phrases of click-throughs, ahead to a buddy, etc. (NOTE: Readers, there is conflicting information in this ultimate point.)

Benefit: Better engagement with audiences, with the aid of giving them a desire of format and the possibility to take action with a click on.

Caution: Don’t forego your text model. Many readers still select textual content.

3. Dive into blog publishing.

Definition: A blog (an abbreviation of the blog) is an internet site that serves as a web journal, up to date very often with a remark on one or greater subjects. Blog authors — known as bloggers — generally offer links to associated facts, with the statement. Because in their low barrier to access (blogs are clean and reasonably-priced to enforce), blogs are proliferating within the nonprofit region.


Four. Explore the use of application carrier providers (ASP) to streamline your on-line operations.
Insight: There are now automatic systems, which you don’t should preserve (they live on a server, that you get right of entry to through the internet) for operations from website content material control and online donation processing to electronic mail messaging and on line occasion registration.

Consider transferring those processes on-line and off your computing device computer.

Benefit: Easier software interfaces. Faster learning curve. Sometimes your software price may be better, but your total cost of operation (because you may store hours in installation and upkeep) might be decreased.

Example: Take a take a look at Citysoft, an ASP centered to nonprofits, institutions, academic establishments and other socially-accountable companies. Citysoft gives a menu of tech equipment from email advertising to internet content improvement software, and donor and occasion control.

Depending on the modules you pick, your enterprise can send e mail newsletters to members and elements and music the consequences, create on line communities for target market use, provide occasion registration and much more.

Tip: Once you’ve got recognized key sites you would like to be linked from (start with a list of the top 20), start calling or e-mailing. A wonderful manner to do that is to discover an intern or volunteer to conquer the bushes. Link placement is not skilled paintings (when you perceive the key web sites) however it’s miles extraordinarily labor in depth.


Five. Develop the internet seek optimization schedule to improve search engine positioning.

Tip: The high-quality manner to enhance seek engine positioning is to get links in your website online placed at different internet sites wherein your audiences already are.

Tip: Once you’ve got diagnosed key sites you want to be related from (begin with a list of the top 20), begin calling or e-mailing. A terrific way to do this is to locate an intern or volunteer to overcome the trees. Link placement isn’t always skilled paintings (after you discover the key websites) but it’s miles extremely exertions in depth.

Jessica J. Underwood

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