Finding Balance: SEO Vs. Web Design Trends

Ever been to a website that actually doesn’t rank for…whatever? The proof is painfully apparent – no on-page or off-web page alerts might ever indicate to search engines like google and yahoo that the page should come up on top of seek engine result pages.

These websites come approximately because most website owners – and even many web designers – are blind to something to do with seo (search engine marketing) or how to rank for vital keywords.

Finding Balance: SEO Vs. Web Design Trends 39

On the complete opposite quit of the spectrum, however, you can locate the one’s pages that are just…a bit too optimized. They’re plagued by keywords, hyperlinks, pointless amounts of textual content, and don’t make plenty of sense from a consumer’s point of view. Even if they’re now not spammy, they’re only a little bit…an excessive amount of.

The design is trending toward minimalism. Words are out, however outstanding imagery and films are each in. That doesn’t go away a whole lot of room for a textual content-heavy web page that looks notably relevant to any key phrases.

With minimalistic sites taking over, even “white hat search engine marketing” can come off like a jumbled mess to customers in some cases.

But in case you’re designing a domain of your own, where do you draw the line? How do you decide what the proper search engine marketing-optimized, contemporary-looking page is?

The great element about search engine optimization is that it’s a web page-particular. One page ranks for this, any other for that. Some pages might not rank for whatever at all, and that’s absolutely k.

But for each and each page you design, carefully remember its utility before you post it.

Ask yourself: Why does this web page even exist?

If the web page is supposed to be the landing web page for a paid marketing campaign, you are probably great served to prioritize a streamlined user experience (UX) that doesn’t necessarily use keywords or any superior search engine marketing methodology. In that manner, you may preserve matters easily so that the web page appeals to users.

On the other hand, if the web page is supposed to rank organically on seeking engine result pages (SERPs), you will really want to consider how you can satisfactory optimize it at the same time as nonetheless keeping an exceptional consumer revel in (in view that UX does play into SEO, after all!)

Beautiful, minimalistic pages often lack critical statistics. However, SEO-orientated pages regularly provide only a little bit an excessive amount of and come to be overwhelming.

There’s no set factor that I can refer to and say, “that’s an excessive amount of.” The aspect is, customers clearly know it after they see it. Test out a pair of different web page designs. How does shrinking a word remember impact click-via prices? What does it do for your keyword scores?

What does including only a little bit greater facts do? Is your page becoming more applicable to customers so that they’re staying on it longer and locating what they want?

The simplest formula for fulfillment with on-web page optimization is experimentation.

Finding Balance: SEO Vs. Web Design Trends 40

Trying to discern the proper stability between SEO and minimalistic UX is in no way easy. However, it’s far feasible. The secret is to recognize this:

Users need to always come first.

When you recollect why your pages exist and what they should appear like, you must be considering what a user might be considering when they land on one of your pages. Are they looking to research something, seeking to be inspired, searching for a way to touch you, and so forth.?

Depending on their intentions, their expectancies for what they’ll locate may be entirely specific from one another. Your job is to parent out what most users are searching for so you can provide it for them. Do that efficaciously, and also, you’ll locate yourself with a big advantage in search engine optimization, a successful website layout, and an operating strategy.

PrestaShop is certainly one of the maximum powerful eCommerce structures. With their high-give functions and flexible, lightweight nature, they’re the appropriate platform to build stunning websites which can garner extra visitors and accelerated conversion.

If you need to extract the maximum capacity from your PrestaShop platform, you need an internet site that reflects the contemporary designing traits.

Here is how you can beautify your consumer experience with those net designing traits.

1. Material Design

Google advanced Material Design for its Android Apps lower back in 2014. ceAs of today, fabric design precept has prolonged to extra than simply cellular apps. This designing philosophy has been the maximum influential among designers.

The kind of revel in it gives and the manner users can interact with the design is amazing. With its 3-dimensional elements, layering, and making every detail alive, you can make your PrestaShop shop stand proud of the relaxation with the fabric layout.

2. Mobile design

Gone are the days while you make your website design responsive to the cell. Designers now think about websites as a cellular design first, making them responsive for the internet.

This big trade comes from the increasing number of mobile visitors. Designers are running toward bringing what is fine for the cell users and present it attractively in each small gadget and desktop.

Hamburger menu, huge photos, distinguished buttons and icons, and the use of the overall width of the screen are a few factors designers can carry into their PrestaShop website.

3. Bright Colors

Finding Balance: SEO Vs. Web Design Trends 41

Say hiya to many brilliant shades popping up on websites like this 12 months; it’s all about formidable colors creating a declaration.

When a logo is associated with brilliant colors, they tend to go away any imprint in the customers’ minds. (Case in point: The fiery crimson famous brand) Play with ambitious colorings to keep your users’ attention. Also, do apprehend your audience and the form of colors they decide upon.

4. Long scrolling and Lazy Load

It is such an inconvenience to click on a brand new/subsequent web page for records, mainly if you are a cellular user. Also, with lazy load, the content is displayed handiest when the consumer scrolls down. That’s why the long scroll is the high-quality manner to go.

These factors make a remarkable impact on page loading and overall performance elements.

5. Animation and Cinemagraphs

If you’re an eCommerce owner, you realize you’ve got the best mere seconds to electrify your users. The proper way to do that is by using animations and cinemagraphs to your PrestaShop internet design. Cinemagraphs are pictures with little versions in the shape of a GIF or video.

Give your PrestaShop shop an excellent appearance with those factors. These motion pictures or GIFs can appear in the header, home page banner, heritage, and 360 diploma product images.

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