Facebook Will Introduce Canvas Templates for Its Collection Ads

Facebook Collection ads will soon get hold of a touch of Canvas.

The social network introduced in a blog submit that it will present a brand new Canvas template for Collection commercials, available to all advertisers next month.
Facebook debuted its e-trade-pushed Collection commercials in March, such as a video on a pinnacle and four advocated products below.

Canvas, Facebook’s full-display, immersive cell advert units, became added in February 2016.

Facebook stated in its weblog put up that it hopes the mixture of the way of life pictures ads tagged with products within an immersive mobile experience will provide brands the possibility to “exhibit their products in context and create an extra significant branded enjoy.”

The new templates attention to 3 business objectives:

Facebook Will Introduce Canvas Templates for Its Collection Ads 39

Acquiring new customers
Showcasing a business
Selling products
The social network delivered in its weblog publish, “Advertisers which have a Facebook product catalog can effortlessly use the template to create wealthy surfing enjoy, encouraging product discovery and engagement. After inspiring customers, the template’s call-to-motion buttons and store locator maps assist direct people in buying.”

Facebook also announced three new updates for Collection commercials:

Engagement custom audiences enable brands to retarget people who have clicked on Collection ads in News Feed or Canvas.
Store visits goal, so the ads can be used to pressure shop visits and in-store income.
Enhanced monitoring allows agencies to music that merchandise from the Canvas full-display screen revels in, driving traffic to their sites or packages.

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Facebook Will Introduce Canvas Templates for Its Collection Ads 40

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Facebook Will Introduce Canvas Templates for Its Collection Ads 41

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