Elden Ring NPCs – Boc the Seamster

There are a lot of NPC questlines that players can take part in throughout Elden Ring. One of them is the story of Boc the Seamster.

This NPC has a very heartwarming tale to tell. Moreover, players can complete their quest by giving them a Larval Tear. The first step is to find him. He is located in Limgrave, near the Agheel Lake North site of Grace.

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How to find him

Boc the Seamster might seem like a minor character, but the demi-human seamster has serious self-esteem issues. His questline is a more pleasant diversion from all the sad events in Elden Ring, and you get a loyal companion who alters your clothes for free!

Players can start this quest by finding Boc in Limgrave, near the starting area of the Elden Ring. The first time you encounter him, he is disguised as a tree and is calling for help. Attacking the tree breaks the spell, and the player will then speak with Boc, who reveals that he was clicked out of his cave by thieves who stole all his belongings. He humbly rewards the player with 10 Mushrooms and tells them he hopes to return to his cave soon.

After the initial conversation with Boc, he will move north into the Liurnia region. He will then appear at various locations, notably the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Talking to him here will not advance the questline, but he will mention that he heard his mother telling him he is beautiful and ask if the player thinks he is too. When the player responds that they do, he will thank them and promise to keep his word.

Players must give Boc a Larval Tear to advance the questline or perform the “You’re Beautiful” Prattling Pate. After obtaining either item, return to Boc and speak with him at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace. He will then mention that he has heard his mother’s voice and ask again if the player thinks he is beautiful, and if they do, he will happily pledge his loyalty as the Royal Seamster of Elden Ring.

Players should also note that if they have the Alter Garments menu active in their inventory, this will prevent Boc from offering his services. However, this can be fixed by re-enabling the menu.

How to talk to him

Boc the Seamster is one of the most endearing NPCs in The Elder Scrolls Online, and he has an incredibly moving quest line. Thankfully, players can find him at multiple locations throughout the Lands Between, making it easy to experience his tale.

First, players will need to speak with Boc to begin his story. To do so, players must head to the telescope in Limgrave and listen for his voice. Once players hear it, they should follow it to a nearby shrub. Players will discover that it is Boc in plant form when interacting with it.

After players exhaust his dialogue, they will learn that he was kicked out of his cave and is now a tree. He will ask the player to help him sneak back in to steal something valuable. In return, he will offer the player ten Mushrooms.

The next step is to equip the Prattling Pate and tell Boc he is beautiful. Players can then speak with him, and he will become happy with his appearance. Once players have completed this step, they can give him a Golden Sewing Needle to further advance the quest.

To begin the final part of the quest, players must visit a new location. Once players reach the Raya Lucaria Academy legacy dungeon, they will find Boc at the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. Players can then speak with Finger Maiden Melina, who prompts them to talk to Boc.

After talking to Boc, players will learn that he still believes he is ugly and wants to be reborn as a human. Once players have exhausted his dialogue, they can use the Prattling Pate and tell him he is beautiful. This will make him happy, and he will pledge his undying support as your Royal Seamster. Players can then rest at a Site of Grace to finish the quest. After completing the main campaign, this will allow players to craft a unique piece of armor called the Starscourage Radahn, which Finger Reader Enia sells in Roundtable Hold.

How to give him a Larval Tear

Boc the Seamster is a helpful NPC who can alter players’ clothing in various ways. He’s located at six locations in the Lands Between, including the Agheel Lake North area, Coastal Cave, East Raya Lucaria Gate, Lake Facing Cliffs, Altus Highway Junction, and the East Capital Rampart area. He also has a very endearing story that can be played out.

The first time players meet Boc, he can be found hiding in a tree and pleading for assistance northwest of the Murkwater Bridge down the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. He will retell his tale of being driven from his cave and having everything stolen. He will ask players for a Larval Tear, and players can decide whether to grant his wish.

When players give Boc the Larval Tear, he will move to Raya Lucaria Grand Library, where he’ll appear kneeling on the ground in human form. He’ll be unresponsive to any dialogue, and if players reload the location, they’ll find him dead. This is the best outcome for the quest, as it stops Boc from reborn and becoming a mud-faced demi-human.

Alternatively, if players don’t give him the Larval Tear, they can rest near the Site of Grace, and he will stay at that checkpoint. He’ll still be able to alter players’ clothes, but he will not be able to advance the quest further. If players want to keep him alive and avoid his tragic death, they can use Prattling Pate You’re Beautiful near him, and he will remain grateful for the player’s reassurances regarding his looks.

While Boc is a great resource for altering players’ gear, his story is one of the most heartbreaking in the game. He’s a poor, ill-treated demi-human who is desperate to conform to human beauty standards and wants to be reborn into a beautiful human. If players don’t accept the challenge of granting his wishes, they’ll die in frustration and leave the Sites of Grace. It’s worth it to follow this incredibly charming, heartbreaking, and endearing questline through to its end.

How to end the quest

Boc the Seamster is a useful NPC to have in the Lands Between, thanks to his ability to alter clothes. This can add more armor slots, reduce the weight of a robe or armor, or even increase its level by a modest amount. However, he has some lofty ambitions that require the player to complete his questline before he can fulfill them.

The first step in Boc’s quest is to find and talk to him. He can be located in the starting area of Limgrave, near the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. To do so, head to the part of the town covered in trees and bushes just north of the telescope icon on your map. Once you get close enough to the bushes, you should hear someone talking and be able to interact with them.

This will trigger a conversation with Boc, where he explains that he was pushed out of a cave and turned into a tree by a magic spell. He asks the players if they would be willing to help him. After the player agrees, Boc will reveal that he wants to return his belongings from the cave to return to being a seamster.

To do this, the player will need to visit a few places in the Lands Between and complete certain quests before the player can return to the Coastal Cave and retrieve his items. The first item the player needs is a Gold Sewing Needle, which can be obtained from the Church of Vows upon visiting the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Liurnia. The player will need a piece of alterable Demi-God armor, which can be purchased from Enia at the Roundtable Hold in Leyndell.

Once the player has both items, they can return to the Coastal Cave Site of Grace and enter the dungeon, where they will be reunited with Boc. After the player defeats the two Demi-Human Chiefs, the boss of the dungeon, the player will be able to give Boc his sewing tools and needle. After giving him these items, the player can start interacting with him as their seamster.

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