‘Dude, your lobster is everywhere in the Internet’

The owner of a big lobster that became an Internet sensation this week — after an image of it became shared on social media by Transportation Security Administration officials — is steaming mad that his treasured cargo turned into taken out of its box and flaunted to the public.

With safety, Christopher Stracuzza becomes journeying Sunday from Boston to Georgia while he checks a cooler containing a more or less 15-pound crustacean and at least a dozen smaller lobsters.

During the screening, the TSA went thru the marked field and later shared a picture of the largest lobster on Twitter. The photograph confirmed an agent protecting the lobster by its claws, a smirk on the officer’s face.

“TSA officers are professional at screening all sorts of objects in checked luggage . . . Including this 20+ pound lobster at Boston Logan,” a TSA spokesman wrote on Twitter, estimating the crustacean’s weight.


A new update to the popular social networking app Snapchat that allows sure app customers to music down your precise area is raising privateness issues for parents and infant protection advocates.

The new Snapchat function, called “Snap Map,” shall you decide whether or not or not to share your place together with your pals within the app or live in “ghost mode,” the app’s default placing. If you decide to percentage your location, then an emoji representing you may appear to pinpoint your genuine location on a map to your pals inside the Snapchat app. The emoji marking wherein someone is on the map will “most effective replace while you open Snapchat,” the tech organization defined in a weblog submit.

“It may be very easy to accidentally proportion the whole thing which you’ve got with more people than you need to, and that is the scariest portion,” cyber security expert Charles Tendell informed ABC News of the Snapchat update.

A spokesperson for Snapchat advised ABC News in an announcement that the “safety of our network may be very critical to us and we want to ensure that every Snapchatters, mother and father and educators have correct statistics about how the Snap Map works.”

“With Snap Map, location-sharing is off with the aid of default for all customers and is absolutely optional. Snapchatters can select precisely who they need to proportion their area with, if in any respect, and might trade that put at any time,” the spokesperson said. “It’s also now not possible to proportion your area with a person who is not already your buddy on Snapchat, and the general public of interactions on Snapchat take place among close buddies.”

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Experts suggest that parents stay aware of updates to apps like Snapchat. They additionally endorse dad and mom make sure they recognize who their youngsters’ friends are on Snapchat and additionally speak to their children approximately who they add on Snapchat.

Childnet International, a kid’s Internet safety advocacy group, released hints for how to effectively use the Snap Map feature, which incorporates to best share your region with humans in individual and in no way with strangers. In addition, the group advises not to upload contacts to Snapchat if you don’t already understand them in character.

The enterprise also advises that you may transfer the location-sharing characteristic at any time and carefully consider it whilst you choose to share your location.

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