Converts a cellular right into a private

Fed up of strained necks and aching hands from watching films for your cellular? An enterprising duo has a solution – in prototype form. All you need, besides their invention, is some space to lie down.

As the video above shows, Poptheatr is a portable tent that you slip your head under. It is installed so that your cells can be suspended above your head in a very darkish environment equipped with speakers and enclosed with material that lets you breathe freely.

A project that began in engineering class is now obtainable, seeking out investment. Could this be one of the futures of the cellular smartphone theatre?
Controversy or now not, no person can resist a catchy Bollywood tune. Not even the cheerleaders at this National Basketball Association (NBA) game.

Converts a cellular right into a private 39

Of direction, the protests and bans have done Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmaavat little damage commercially – it raked in over Rs 100 crore in its establishing weekend. And it changed into popular sufficient in other international locations – consisting of the US and Canada – for its track Ghoomar to function during the halftime display at an NBA recreation among the Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat.

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Dressed in flowing lilac skirts and dupattas, the cheerleaders used identical choreography within the film. And the gang cherished it, proving once more that Bollywood can triumph over the sector if most effective it tries tough enough.

In the Bay Area of San Fransisco, in keeping with film industry analyst Komal Nahta, a circle of relatives employed an entire auditorium for a screening of the movie – and all the women have been requested to get dressed as Padmavati!

Sequences regarding people leaping via glass are common in movies. Ever wondered what it takes to drag them off? Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, the men at the back of the YouTube channel, The Slow Mo Guys, have the answer.

They determined to examine actual glass and stunt glass – watching what everyone seems like while you break it and watch the entirety in gradual motion. While Gruchy couldn’t attempt the stunt due to any damage, Free enthusiastically rose as much as the undertaking.

The 8-minute video covers all of the situations with demonstrations. It was a lot easier within the old days – they just used sugar.

People in India efficaciously fought for and retained internet neutrality. Still, things aren’t so cheery in the United States, in which internet neutrality was repealed in December 2017, a circulate performed via FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. The quit of internet neutrality can be drastic for internet customers. However, many humans still warfare to understand the implications of the repeal.

Surprisingly, American fast-meals chain Burger King decided to behavior a social experiment to train people the impact of the circulate by making use of identical guidelines to meals – especially to their trademark Whopper burger (video above).

Converts a cellular right into a private 40

Customers had been perplexed, indignant, pissed off, even as some even tried to grab their meals. One purchaser referred to as the experience “ an awful dream,” every other said it was “the worst thing I’ve ever heard of,” and one patron felt she changed into being taken gain of.

Which changed into the complete point of the experiment. The video ends with a dig at Ajit Pai’s video (below) with the aid of showing The King drinking from a big Reese’s cup, as Pai did at the top of his…

A groom from Pakistan has won the wedding look sport. The groom made melodramatic access, emulating the style of none aside from the WWE megastar, Undertaker.

As the video above famous, the groom walked in with slow, planned steps – similar to Undertaker – carrying a dark gown, a black hat, and a WWE belt. Undertaker’s signature entrance song played within the history.

But the concept wasn’t completely authentic, as a minimum, no longer exactly. Last yr, any other Pakistani groom had certainly entered one of his wedding ceremony functions as a specific WWE champion, Triple H. The video of his front (under) even elicited a response from Triple H himself.
For 21-yr-old slam poet Diksha Bijlani, English is a language she has no preference however to use. She can’t write poetry in some other tongue. But, just like the Hindi versions of the Disney films she watched on TV in early life, she wonders whether her identification isn’t misplaced in translation.

Perhaps she would instead be real to her “first language,” even supposing it has been supplanted by way of her 2nd? Performing her poem, Translated Disney, at Kommune’s Spoken Fest, Bijlani attacked the glorification of English in India (video above). An excerpt:

Bijlani, who’s from Allahabad, advised Scroll.In, “My poem isn’t in opposition to English speak according to se, it’s far towards placing English speaking on a pedestal and looking down or inducing inferiority complicated in each person who can not speak English. On the sidelines, it’s also about a loss of identification experienced by using the diaspora, whilst they are made to accept or suit right into a subculture that isn’t organically theirs.”…

Saying that the beyond yr become grueling for the United Kingdom could be an irony. Tension is still jogging high over Brexit, hate crimes, and terror attacks. In this context, debutante administrators Ralph Briscoe and Jay Stephen made their film (above), creating a case for inclusion and team spirit.

My Turtle Dove is a “patriotic film celebrating the diversity and tolerance in current-day Britain” and the filmmakers’ love letter to trendy-day Britain. Interestingly, in cockney English, the identify method “love” or a “sweetheart or loved mate”.

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The centerpiece of the movie is a love letter to Britain from a former lover. “Do you recall while we met? There changed into this gentle song inside the air, an armful of different accents, and languages and I keep in mind searching for you and seeing this colorful kaleidoscope…”

The film was shot over five days by way of numerous groups throughout various locations inside the UK, including the Brighton Pride and Notting Hill Carnival. Some of the filmings occurred at hate crime scenes, like Finsbury Park, where a van drove into a crowd of worshippers close to two mosques, and along the Brighton Promenade, where two gay guys were assaulted…

F the Grammys had a category for “nice spoken phrase album,” Hilary Clinton may have won for her narration of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury.

During the airing of Sunday night’s 60th annual Grammy Awards, host James Corden slipped in a comedy routine, holding mock auditions for the category – were the Grammys to consist of it. He delivered out musicians like Snoop Dogg, Cher, Cardi B, along with a wonderful look from Hillary Clinton.

In this clip, Clinton reads a passage from the controversial e-book on US President Donald Trump’s days in the White House. It becomes Trump’s love for McDonald’s.

Clinton study: “He had a longtime worry of being poisoned, one motive why he preferred to consume at McDonald’s – nobody knew he becomes coming and the food changed into correctly pre-made.” And Corden spoke back, “That’s it, we’ve got it. That’s the one.”

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