Mobile Internet, cybersecurity highlighted in China’s Internet report

BEIJING, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) — New applications on the cellular Internet and the bolstered cybersecurity control had been highlighted in a statistical report on China’s Internet development in 2017.

The report, the 41st of a bi-annual series, became released via the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Wednesday.


The report observed that ninety-seven. Five percent of China’s 772-million online populace used mobile phones to surf the Internet.

Mobile Internet users consumed greater than 21.2 billion gigabytes inside the first 11 months of 2017, a growth of 158.2 percent compared to the same duration in 2016.

A sequence of offerings boomed when they became available on smart gadgets with any such big consumer size.

Mobile Internet, cybersecurity highlighted in China's Internet report 39

For instance, over sixty-five percent of the net populace used mobile payments for offline intake, and 44 percent accessed municipal public offerings thru popular Alipay and WeChat Apps, in keeping with the report.

New commercial enterprise patterns inclusive of motorbike-sharing have also seen a boom in China ultimate yr.

By the quiet of 2017, China had approximately 221 million bike-sharing customers and was envisioned to have helped cut carbon emissions by over 6.99 million tonnes, the record stated.

The users cycled over 29.Nine billion km in total last 12 months, the file stated, adding that the industry has additionally created over 30,000 jobs in offline operation and protection.

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With the Cybersecurity Law moving under pressure and introducing a series of regulations on numerous online information offerings, cybersecurity became preferred strong in 2017, the report stated.

A general of forty-seven.Four percentage of Internet customers surveyed stated they’d now not encountered any cybersecurity problems in the closing six months, registering a growth of 17.9 percentage points from 2016.

Meanwhile, the authorities obtained over 52.6 million solid reports on illegal and harmful statistics from normal customers, with a growth of 74.1 percentage.

The new law and policies substantially encouraged netizens in submitting court cases, the document stated.


The file also summarized the progress winartificial intelligence (AI) bdevelopment ecause the number of Chinese AI establishments reached 592 as of June 2017.

In 2016, the Chinese mainland saw 30, one hundred fifteen packages for AI-associated patents.

Mobile Internet, cybersecurity highlighted in China's Internet report 40

As of December 2017, there had been seventy-seven “unicorn agencies” — personal startups valued at greater than 1 billion U.S. Dollars — in Internet and facts industries in China, in line with the file.

Among the unicorns, over 30 percent were e-trade or Internet finance agencies, even as lifestyle and amusement, automobile and delivery, online scientific offerings, and AI groups additionally finished speedy development, it stated.

The wireless generation presents individuals with getting admission to the Web from many exclusive international places. Those who aren’t fortunate enough to spend their lives in Wi-Fi hotspot surroundings will want to buy mobile Internet devices to take advantage of this generation. These devices will permit people to connect with the Web whilst at home, in the office, or traveling at some point in the arena.

Those who desire to utilize this generation will first want a pc. A computer is a lot extra suitable for this reason because it may be transported anywhere. A laptop pc is motionless, so while it may offer a person wireless Web access within the workplace or at domestic, it’s going to now not offer to get right of entry to at the same time as traveling. Therefore, a lightweight laptop and includes all the favored features, along with Bluetooth, might be the precise preference.

The subsequent factor a man or woman will need is a cell broadband tool, a good way to allow the pc to connect to the Web. There are numerous options, and those encompass smartphones, USB modems, and cellular statistics playing cards. The best device will be depending on the consumer’s choices, and more than one can be purchased if favored. The to be had information plans and expenses of those distinct devices range, so that info must be considered.

Some wireless phones may be used as portable modems to tug in a broadband sign for the phone to use. This is known as tethering and is available through maximum carriers. When this type of wi-fi phone is attached to a pc, the user could have online get entry to thru the pc. This is ideal for folks who do no longer like to hold plenty of gadgets. The phone ought to have broadband capabilities and need to help Bluetooth additionally. Devices that don’t have Bluetooth capabilities may additionally nevertheless be used. However, they’ll want to be linked to the laptop using a USB cable.

The different options are a cell statistics card or USB modem, which can be small and lightweight. The statistics card is plugged into the ExpressCard slot contained in more recent laptops. If a computer has a USB force, a USB modem stick may be used as a substitute. Either object will offer the person with excessive-velocity on-line get admission. The data plan fees are normally identical, so it is certainly just a remembrance of what is like-minded with the laptop.

Mobile Internet, cybersecurity highlighted in China's Internet report 41

Mobile Internet gets admission to affords a character with the capacity to connect with the Web at excessive speeds from anywhere within a provider community. A pc and mobile Internet gadgets like a broadband phone, USB modem stick, or mobile records card with statistics plan might be needed. Once a man or woman has cell wireless Internet, it will likely be impossible to imagine what existence become like without it.

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