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January four, 2018 – In their in no way-ending attempt to preserve matters searching good, the Communications & Creative Services department at Santa Fe College wants to remind all SF groups of workers and employees to ensure they have got the most up-to-date SF trademarks and templates.

Would you please go to the Logos and Colors section of the CCS webpage? That’s where you may locate the college’s reputable color palette in addition to all approved Santa Fe College trademarks.

The respectable SF logo has eight dots, not a line, now not 50 dots. The eight dots constitute the Northwest Campus, the six Alachua and Bradford counties centers, and the Open Campus online.

When searching for a domestic mortgage modification, one of the first matters you’ll need to do is write a hassle letter. This letter, addressed in your lender, describes the monetary hardship you are experiencing that makes a loan amendment important. Your alternatives for writing a complication letter include operating with a licensed financial counselor and using loan modification worry letter templates.

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A worry letter template can be an valuable tool in drafting your letter; however, ensure which you do not just seize the primary template you see. You need to take this letter very seriously because it is very vital. It could suggest the distinction between dropping and keeping your own home. Make sure that the template you operate is a good one. You can use the following standards to choose from.

First, the template has not to be too long or lengthy-winded. Make optimistic that you may suit it all in a web page or two. Any longer than that and your letter will maximumly probable be breezed via or disregarded by overworked and underpaid loss mitigation experts at your lending organization. Now extra than ever, they’re receiving more than one request just like yours each day.

Second, a fantastic problem letter template ought to sound expert in nature. It should use precise grammar and spelling of direction. However, there is more to it than that. You do not want to sound whiny, pitchy, or dramatic to your letter. You want to be critical and honest; your financial situations are dire, and the bottom line is that you need a loan change to maintain your home.

Loan amendment hardship letter templates are found in various places. The most accessible manner to discover them is to do an easy Internet look for them. Dozens of consequences will right now crop up. Depending on the web page offering the templates, you’ll be requested to pay a rate. But there are plenty of websites that provide free recommendations and loose templates to apply at your very own discretion. The critical factor isn’t the source of the template but, alternatively the content.

Don’t sense which you need to apply a template verbatim. If you spot elements that you like in numerous distinct templates, it’s okay to blend them collectively and lead them to your personal. You can also browse several templates for ideas and then write your very own from scratch. A monetary counselor is to be had that will help you if you run into the hassle.

THIS NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is made and entered into as of [date] among [Your Company name] having its place of work at [ address] (“Company”) and [company 2], having its administrative center at [Address]

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Purpose: Company and [company 2] want to explore a commercial enterprise opportunity of mutual interest and, in connection with this opportunity, desires to execute this Non-Disclosure Agreement (“Agreement”).

1. Confidential Information: Confidential records way any statistics disclosed to with the aid of one celebration to the opposite, either immediately or in a roundabout way in writing, orally or with the aid of inspection of exact or intangible gadgets, including without challenge files, enterprise plans, supply code, software program, documentation, economic evaluation, advertising plans, client names, customer listing, customer facts. Confidential Information may additionally include statistics disclosed to a party by using third events on the course of a Disclosing Party. Personal Information shall not, however, consist of any facts which the Receiving celebration can establish (i) changed into publicly acknowledged and made generally to be had within the public domain before the time of disclosure; (ii) turns into publicly recognized and made typically available after disclosure thru no motion or inactiveness of Receiving Party; or (iii) owns Receiving Party, without confidentiality restrictions, at the time of disclosure by way of the Disclosing Party as proven with the aid of Receiving Party’s files and statistics right now previous to the time of disclosure. The birthday celebration disclosing the Confidential Information will be known as “Disclosing Party” in the Agreement. The birthday celebration receiving the Confidential Information shall be called “Receiving Party” inside the Agreement.

Please download the proper emblems and replace any old trademarks on documents or PDFs your branch uses.

You have to also consult the Usage Guidelines on that web page for correct approaches to using the Santa Fe College logo.

Our purchaser, a sales director, was digging deep once more to try to explain the seemingly infinite lack of performance for some of his 100 character income pressure. The products they had been promoting had been proper for the market. However, there has been a gap.


After speaking to numerous participants of his income group, it became apparent. The time it took to put together expert displays was way out of line and costing his people precious selling time. Downloading artwork and duplicate for nearby PowerPoint and suggestions became bulky and time-eating now, not to mention the death of a standardized layout for the fainter of coronary heart in his team. His name to me right away sparked a custom-designed software program and procedure utility.


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I proposed a proprietary base software program application to construct custom packages to satisfy our client’s specific wishes. It would be a web-based machine of editable templates for the advent of income proposals from website downloads. The final output could be turnkey, cozy, scalable, and customized to healthy this task’s unique necessities while looking, sorting, seeing, downloading, or transmitting concept factors from this “browser” layout.

This inner purchaser application would permit our client’s sales group of workers to build their custom proposals from pre-authorized downloadable templates. We structured the templates into ten concept detail regions.

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