Cake Browser adds a chunk of Tinder’s magic to cell search

Most humans stick with whatever default browser came with their cellphone, be it Safari or Chrome. That’s a disgrace because there are many compelling alternatives accessible, like Cake Browser, which re-imagines how search can work on a cell.

Cake Browser’s genius is that it makes a single assumption: maximum instances while you search for something, the primary result is only you sincerely care about. So, why don’t you go to that, instead of observing a web page of consequences, most of the people of which you don’t care approximately?

Cake Browser adds a chunk of Tinder’s magic to cell search 39
That’s basically how Cake Browser works. After you kind your query and hit ‘go back, it takes you to the primary result Google (or Bing. Cake Browser isn’t choosy) returns. If that’s no longer what you’re searching out, you must swipe properly till you reach the result you want.

All that swiping costs barely paying homage to Tinder, don’t you observe?

As you’d anticipate, attempting to find “The Next Web” with Cake Browser takes you to our homepage. Swipe proper, and you’ll see three of the top news testimonies we’ve posted. From what I can tell, those are the three pinnacle stories shown in Google’s effects, instead of ones especially decided on using the app.

After that, you’re taken to TNW’s Tech subcategory, which is without difficulty one of the maximum lively categories at the website online in phrases of reporting. The subsequent two outcomes are our Facebook and Flickr pages.

Cake Browser’s novel technique to look feels slicker than the Exxon Valdez and is vastly much less exhausting than always dipping in-and-out of Google effects a good way to locate the web page you care about.

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Another thing: Cake Browser pre-masses pages earlier than you really open them. When you look for something, it’ll automatically cache the first 3 effects. As you swipe through, it’ll maintain to mechanically pre-load subsequent outcomes so that you aren’t left twiddling your thumbs watching for the page to appear on your display.

This worked genuinely properly for me, both on LTE and Wi-Fi. That said, I word that I live in a city with excellent 4G coverage, and I intentionally pay for a phone plan with a beneficiant records allowance. I wonder how useful I’d locate Cake Browser if that weren’t the case.

It’s also really worth noting that Cake Browser lets you search for things except websites. You can choose to refine your question to simply films, buying, snapshots, or information.

These work a little in another way and don’t take you right now to the top result. When I looked up “Deadpool” beneath the purchasing category, it didn’t take me to the Blu-Ray of Deadpool on Amazon, but instead, go to Google Shopping.

Cake Browser adds a chunk of Tinder’s magic to cell search 40

I swiped right and hit Amazon, but most effective Amazon’s search results. And then Wal-Mart’s outcomes. You get the concept.

Similarly, if you look for “Despacito” beneath movies, you don’t cross instantly to the Latin toe-tapper, however alternatively, the primary page of YouTube’s effects.

I’d adore it if Cake Browser came with a characteristic that informed it to head directly to the primary seek result, regardless of the class you’re searching in. Alas, I couldn’t discover that anywhere.

These are minor bugbears. The bulk of all seek effects I make are for internet pages and not videos or merchandise. Overall I discovered Cake Browser to be a time-saver. I’d type my query, and approximately ninety percent of the time, I’d immediately get the result I was interested in.

Admittedly, the UI feels a bit clunky, but that’s clean to forgive while you don’t forget it’s nevertheless early days for a scrappy new browser. At this nascent level, you’d expect it to be a chunk hard around the edges.

In October, the employer quietly released Cake Browser in Australia and Taiwan and has now released it globally throughout Android and iOS.

The employer has also introduced a $five million pre-Series A funding spherical, lead by way of Peak Ventures and with Pelion Venture Partners and Kickstart Seed Fund also taking element to convey its browser vision to complete fruition.

Update: This TNW Answers session was originally for January 18th but has been rescheduled for February 1st.

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Cake Browser adds a chunk of Tinder’s magic to cell search 41

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